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Thread: Wanted: Loadscreen Tip Suggestions (Updated: 2-13-2014)

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    Intermediate: Silences and some knockback skills don't cancel teleportation.

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    "Manta Style and certain abilities like Naga Siren's Mirror Image or Alchemist's Chemical Rage grants you a short period of invulnerability."

    Wanted to add "allowing you to dodge damage and effects" but it didn't fit. :<

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    Advanced: Always carry a teleport scroll

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    An advanced tip about attack types and armor types would be nice. Something like

    "ranged creeps deal piercing damage, and will therefore deal more damage to lane creeps, who have normal armor type." This sort of info is very obfuscated as is.

    But what I mainly created my account to say is that I would love for there to be a loadout item for the loading screen messages. Like, say there was a loading screen text item released after TI4 that displayed interesting trivia about TI4. Or when something like Dream League is produced they could have interesting statistical trivia during the loading screen, like what you often see or hear about during their casts. (e.g. "x% of Nagas win when they farm a radiance in less than y minutes")

    I think it would be nice to have something like that once you've learned all of the basic mechanics of the game...

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    Intermediate/Advanced : As a mid-lane hero, pushing the lane around the rune-minute mark will allow you better rune control and will prevent experience loss.
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    Advanced: Did you know you can access the Secret shop from the Roshan pit?
    Advanced: Using the chat wheel to say the time can be useful for finding out when Roshan will respawn!
    Advanced: Attacking a enemy hero will drag creep agro to you! Use it to pull creeps back to your tower!

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    Feel free to change phrasing, especially on the disjoint one:

    Double tap self cast (enabled in the options) can be used with TP scrolls to take you back to the fountain.

    Using soul ring gives you extra mana, even if you are currently full on mana.

    Disjointing is the method of dodging spells and attacks while they are traveling in the air. Several items and abilities can be used to disjoint spells including illusion, blink and invisibility items/abilities.

    Towers and creeps prioritize units/heroes in the order of attacking other heroes, attacking the tower itself, whoever is closest.

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    All categories: Do not choose languages you can't speak

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    Pro Tip: Speak English on EUW

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    Advanced: If you're in the side lane, try not to use the courier in the first minutes of the game until your mid lane player has ferried over his bottle!

    Medium: Always check to see if your teammates are already building a Mekansm or Pipe of Insight, the actives don't stack!

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