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Thread: Wanted: Loadscreen Tip Suggestions (Updated: 2-13-2014)

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    Lightbulb Wanted: Loadscreen Tip Suggestions (Updated: 2-13-2014)

    Hey folks!

    Want to help us put better and more informative loadscreen tips into the game? We want your suggestions!

    Here are the requirements:

    • Tips must be no more than 140 characters long (the length of a Twitter post), including spaces.
    • Please include a suggestion for what category you think your tip should become a part of.

    Here are the categories of loadscreen tips:

    • UNIVERSAL TIPS: These are displayed to players with more than 25 games played, and are used to inform players about things outside of the actual gameplay, such as UI features.
    • BEGINNER TIPS: These are displayed to players with 25 to 150 games played. They should include information about the basic mechanics of gameplay (such as the benefits of STR, AGI and INT on hero stats), or the kind of information that would make a beginner player more pleasant to play with (such as teaching sharing healing items, or minimap awareness). Be careful about using Dota-specific terminolgy or assumed knowledge that a newcomer might not know (e.g. creep equilibrium, what a trilane is, BKB, etc.). NOTE: This category is already fairly well stocked, due to the limited window that these tips are displayed.
    • INTERMEDIATE TIPS: These are displayed to players with 75 or more games. These tips are for players who are moving beyond a beginner's understanding of game mechanics, and are ready to learn some of the trickier or more subltle aspects of gameplay, such as sample situations of when to purchase a particular item, the different kinds of damage, or creep stacking.
    • ADVANCED TIPS: These are displayed to players with 150 or more games. Now we can talk start talking about maximizing a player's knowledge, and introduce them to ideas such as Armlet Toggling and unit micro management. The sky is the limit for these tips, though we would prefer not to get into too many hero-specific strategies since they are not universally applicable to most players.

    Also, here's our current list of load screen tips for you to look through:
    Feb 13 2015 Loadscreen tips.txt (last updated: February 13th 2014)

    We'll keep an eye on this thread, and from time to time we'll choose the best tips to put into the game. Thanks, everyone!

    UPDATE Feb 13 2014: A tidy bundle of new loading screen tips have been added for New Bloom. Thanks!
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