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Thread: Dagon (and other upgradeables) tooltip mismatch

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    Dagon (and other upgradeables) tooltip mismatch

    Using the Dagon as the example here, but applies the same to Necronomicons, Diffusal Blades as well (and other upgradeables, should I have forgot any).

    What`s wrong
    The upgrade level and the stats tooltip are mismatched if your upgradeable`s level is above level 1; the level is correctly displayed via both the item`s net worth and icon, but the upgrade level stays at level 1.

    What should happen
    The item`s stats tooltip should match its upgrade level. In the example, the Dagon`s level 5 stats should be highlighted, instead of its level 1`s.

    How to reproduce
    View a game`s post-game stat screen via replay or player profile. This glitch /does not/ occur when viewing the post-game ingame proper (finishing a game yourself, spectating a match live, watching a replay).

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