If a player binds a single treant to 1,2,3 and 4, each binding will select all treants when the current treants die.

This really bothers me because I have to take ~3s using shift + left click every time I want to send two treants out to scout. If I bound all treants to 5, 4 treants to 4, 3 treants to 3, then I could press 5, move command(on minimap), 4, move command(on minimap), 3. This would send out two treants in 0.1 s and leave me with 3 treants selected.

Many other games let you use this technique. I think even dota let you do it before they implemented the cloud hotkeys thing. It would be great to add more options for selection, because the current one is very clunky and has very few options.

Thank for reading !