I'm using JoyToKey to map my gamepad (a Playstation 3 controller with the DS3 Tool drivers) to keyboard and mouse commands. I use left analog stick to move cursor and R1 and L1 respectively for right and left click. For some reason though, when I test this in Dota 2, I get double inputs on the bumper keys (R1 and L1). When I press one of them, I highlight another player on my team for a split second, and then the click comes through. I've also tried mapping the arrow keys to the right analog stick to scroll with it, but for some reason it doesn't register at all. Outside Dota 2 it works fine, but in Dota 2 nothing happens when I tilt the stick. I assume there is some kind of conflict here. It would be awesome to be able to use my controller to play Dota 2 in casual games with my friends, so please have a look at this.