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Thread: Cannot see skills, projectiles or hear skills/projectiles.

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    Exclamation Cannot see skills, projectiles or hear skills/projectiles.

    When playing Dota 2 in EU West server, I cannot see skills or projectiles sometimes.
    This is a game breaking error for me, and I have asked others to see whether they had the bug also - which they did.

    For example, I fire Tinker's heat seeking missiles, and cannot see any animation or skill, only seeing the enemy heroes health deplete.

    This is a problem for:
    Tower projectiles,
    Ranged and even melee auto attacks,
    Last hit gold (The yellow text that appears when you get a last hit (eg. +55)),
    Every single skill that a hero uses.

    This appears to be server sided, but please correct me if it's client sided - in a local bot match this does not happen.


    Please look into this ASAP because it could be threatening the viewing experience of the International.

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    does this occur while you play a game or watch a game?

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    In spectator mode I've seen it happen before, but it's gotten worse.
    While playing a game, I have issues that I listed above.

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    Getting this too here, Spells and sounds are so delayed for me its impossible to play, Also EU West here. While speccing AND playing.

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    It seems to be working sometimes and sometimes not; it's a really really weird bug. So probably server-sided.

    I'm currently spectating a game with no errors, I also just tested a lobby game and it appears to be working (Luxembourg).

    My ping is fine, 30~40ms. 0 packet loss.

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    Are you in the UK xeimonster? Myself and I know some others are and seem to be having this problem. Might be UK ISP related.

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    Yes UK, Liege.

    I'm on Everything Everywhere - my friend was getting it also who is on BT, some others are on Virgin getting it.

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    Someone from France has it too, I guess its soemthign to do with the Europe servers. Just have to sit tight and wait.

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    I have this problem, it started today.

    I am from UK, use BT for my ISP, and use the Mac version of dota2.

    My friends have this problem too.
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    Also had this problem, sitting by tower and all my health just goes from an invisible kunka boat.

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