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Thread: Possible Pennant Bug

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    Possible Pennant Bug

    Currently having an issue where team pennants I own are not receiving view counts. I understand that a few patches ago the load out slot was removed for them and you no longer need to worry about equipping them individually. However I noticed in my inventory that my Team Liquid pennant still has a mark in the top right hand corner as if it is still equipped to my loud out and I can't change it. I am not sure if this is the reason why I am not getting views for other teams or what. I left the Alliance vs Titan game a moment ago and my Alliance Pen received no view added to it. Attaching an SS of my TL pennant.

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    Having the same issue, I've got a Team Fnatic pennant and a C9 pennant, neither can be equipped, used or applied to anything, and watching a game results in games watched = 0, a item i have socketed with the specific teams spectator gem however has now updated to games watched = 1, so the game registered, but the pennant seems inactive, and just in time for TI2014?

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    Same here, tried to equip my newbee pennant but can't. The TongFu one is still shown as equipped

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