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Thread: Money making, improving dota community?

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    Jul 2014

    Lightbulb Money making, improving dota community?

    Just a 2 cent thought of mine: i hope dota 2 store comes out an item and sell it tor us players that allows us to reset our solo/party MMR as you know there is no way to change your mmr after you have played your 10 games of TBD game and the mmr system will automatically determine your mmr for you. For me, initially i didn't know what it is about and i just searched solo mmr and allowed my younger brother to play on my account and stuff and turned out my MMR was so bad but there was no way i could help improving it. I mean, sure you can improve your mmr, you just have to be good, own everybody and win the game one after another, then you'll gain an improve on your mmr. But here i am talking about significantly improving it, which takes a really really really long time. So i guess an item that resets your mmr definitely will help out a lot and i'm sure many of the players like me would love to reset our mmr and definitely purchase it. For me i see this as an additional source of money making opportunity. So... maybe a little consideration?

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    I hope valve release 1$ item that forces people not to open a thread that discussed thousand times or use the search feature which is most underrated invention of the century.

    There are so many cons of this discussed before, if you want them just search
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