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Thread: [Confirmed] Tornado damage is applied too late after landing

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    [Confirmed] Tornado damage is applied too late after landing

    Tornado's damage is not dealt instantly after landing, so that certain instant cast spells can be casted before it deals its damage.

    1st video demonstrating magic immunity blocking tornado's landing damage, and showing Eul's scepters correct interaction. The opposite is also possible, turning a Tornado lethal by activating Ghost Scepter which amplifies its damage.
    2nd vdeo demonstrating that certain spells can save your life by blocking (or even reflecting with Spiked Carapace or Blade Mail) the damage. Also demonstrating that even when you die, you still can use some spells (like Stampede or Shiva's Guard) before dying, which can turn the tide of a battle.

    DotA1 Comparison

    No chance to cast anything between the disable and the damage of Tornado.

    This spells can be used currently before Tornado deals its damage

    Bold Red = significant game impact, most likely will save your life from Tornado damage
    Red = Significant game impact
    Orange = noticable game impact
    Yellow = usually no game impact but it might happen, or no game impact other than in form of spell cooldowns
    Grey = no game impact


    1. War Cry (full effect)
    2. Unstable Concoction (instantly blows up, dealing no damage and 0.1 second aoe stun around Alchemist)
    3. Overcharge (full effect for a split second, so gets transferred to tethered allies, reduces Tornado damage, might survive thanks to that)
    4. Stampede (full effect)
    5. Whirling Death (full effect)
    6. Quill Spray (full effect)
    7. Walrus Punch (audio played, basically gets wasted)
    8. Rot (1 damage instance is dealt, slow is applied, small chance to deny self)
    9. Sprint (amplifies Tornado damage, so might cause death thanks to that)
    10. Rage (completely blocks Tornado damage)
    11. Shapeshift (causes visual glitch)
    12. Flesh Golem (applies the aura and since auras linger, debuff lasts 0.5 seconds on nearby enemies)
    13. Borrowed Time (heals Abaddon for Tornado damage if manually used)
    14. Precision Aura (applies buff to creeps for 0.5 seconds)
    15. Blade Fury (completely blocks Tornado damage)
    16. Doppelwalk (creates illusion)
    17. Refraction (full effect, blocks the Tornado damage)
    18. Trap (full effect)
    19. Shadow Walk (visual effect and sound plays, basically gets wasted)
    20. Engrage (sound plays, gets wasted)
    21. Flak Cannon (gets wasted)
    22. Rabid (sound plays, gets wasted)
    23. Rip Tide (full effect)
    24. Berserker's Rage (sound plays, bugs UI until respawn)
    25. Whirling Axes (melee) (sound plays, gets wasted (axes disappear when Troll dies))
    26. Battle Trance (full effect)
    27. Plasma Field (full effect)
    28. Strafe (visual effect and sound plays, gets wasted)
    29. Skeleton Walk (visual effect and sound plays, gets wasted)
    30. Shukuchi (sound plays, gets wasted)
    31. Spiked Carapace (full effect, reflects Tornado damage)
    32. Vendetta (visual effect and sound plays, gets wasted)
    33. Dark Pact (initial visual effect and sound plays, gets wasted)
    34. Shadow Dance (sound plays, gets wasted)
    35. Split Shot (a game changer!)
    36. Mana Shield (reduces Tornado damage, might survive thanks to that)
    37. Windrun (visual effect and audio plays, applies aoe slow for 1 second)
    38. Voodoo Restauration (one instance of heal, might survive thanks to that)
    39. Pulse Nova (one instance of damage, might be lethal to nearby enemies)
    40. Firefly (visual effect and audio plays, gets wasted)
    41. Quas (the extra regen might save your life!)
    42. Wex (another game changer!)
    43. Exort (this might win you the game!)
    44. Invoke (yes, it fully works, you invoke a spell before you die)
    45. Ghost Walk (slows for a short time in aoe)


    1. Reveal (Dust, full effect)
    2. Regenerate (Bottle, full effect, the regen might save you!)
    3. Energy Charge (Magic Stick, full effect, the 150 burst heal might save you) (example of Magic stick saving lives)
    4. Ghost Form (Ghost Scepter, amplifies Tornado damage, you might die to the amplified damage)
    5. Energy Charge (Magic Wand, same as Magic Stick, but with up to 225 burst heal)
    6. Sacrifice (Soul Ring, full effect, the hp cost bring your hp down to lethal range so that Tornado kills you)
    7. Phase (Phase Boots, sound plays, gets wasted)
    8. Switch Attribute (Power Treads, switching to str might save you, switching away from str might kill you)
    9. Toggle Basilius Aura (Ring of Basilius, applies buff on creeps for 0.5 seconds)
    10. Armor Bonus (Buckler, full effect)
    11. Toggle Aquila Aura (Ring of Aquila, applies buff on creeps for 0.5 seconds)
    12. Replenish Mana Arcane Boots, full effect)
    13. Endurance (Drum of Endurance, full effect)
    14. Restore (Mekansm, full effect, will save your life in normal circumstances, because the heal is higher than highest Tornado damage!)
    15. Barrier (Pipe of Insight, applies buff on allies in range, you might think this can safe you aswell, but it doesn't. You don't get the buff, Tornado deals damage before you get it)
    16. Demonic Summoning (Necronomicon 1/2/3, full effect)
    17. Reset Cooldowns (Refresher Orb, full effect)
    18. Toogle Unholy Strength (Armlet of Mordiggian, toggling it off might kill you thanks to the 450 hp loss before Tornado damage, toggling it on might save you with the hp boost from one instance of str)
    19. Shadow Walk (Shadow Blade, sound plays, gets wasted)
    20. Toogle Radiance (Radiance, no damage since its 1st instance is 1 second after activation)
    21. Damage Return (Blade Mail, full effect, might kill invoker by reflecting Tornado damage)
    22. Avatar (Black King Bar, full effect, blocks Tornado damage)
    23. Arctic Blast (Shiva's Guard, full effect)
    24. Berserk (Mask of madness, full effect, amplifies Tornado damage which might turn lethal)
    25. Unholy Rage (Satanic, audio plays, gets wasted)
    26. Eat (Cheese, full effect, will heals before Tornado damage, so will save you!)

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    i like this one, and will until its fixed

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    Please, just call me buny.

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    I knew something was wrong with Tornado all this time (people being able to activate stuff before landing and taking damage like puck using phase shift to survive), but wasn't able to make sure and check with dota1 parity. Kudos to you for finding this out.

    Maybe it has something to do with dota1 units dropping instantly vs dota2 units landing slowly? Or is that purely visual?
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    Actually, I think the bug is here, but the description is a bit off. Tornado in the old game seemed to deal damage before the units landed. In Dota 2, it seems to deal damage when they land. The visual effect in the old game was awkward, but the thing to focus on here is when the unit is actually controllable. They should be damaged before that point, and that's the important thing. Perhaps they forgot to add a dizzy duration, or a ground stun time when the unit is damaged in order to make it perfect.
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    ^It's at the end of tornado in both games.. In Dota2 the damage is just applied a tiny bit too late after removing the invulnerability. And the time window is so small, you literally can only use spells which don't interrupt you at all. Spells like any wind walk, or Rage. But spells like Scream of Pain, Phase Shift or Echo Slam cannot be casted. And for items, only non-targeted items can be casted. I made a list with every spell and item.

    Also it seems like Skewer has the exact same bug.
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    Will this ever be fixed?

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