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Thread: Looking for a Clan / Guild - Above normal player

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    Looking for a Clan / Guild - Above normal player



    Country: United Kingdom
    Age: 24
    My steam ID:
    Solo: 3040
    Party: 3450
    Party mmr is low because its very rare to play with friends

    More About:

    I'm portuguese 24 yo -- Living in London with a shitty connection -- Gona fix that! -- and i am looking for a clan or Guild expertise to fun / ranked gaming.

    I play this for something about 13 up to 15 years ? since Dota 1 version I DONT KNOW cuz i dont care

    I consider myself above normal -- not PRO like dendi but like his young brother. I am funny, i rage with noobs and its very common i be muted -- Taking that aside i do enjoy playing with team and my temper within teams its a lot better

    My team MMR is 3.8k my solo not that great :P something like 3K -- I reached 3.6k somehow with the old system / mechanism for making teams make me reach 2.8k MMR

    Please check my profile here: -- Dumb stats but still can guide something.

    Let me know if you wanna try me out or any guild or clan with spare slot.

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