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Thread: [C]Exorcism's tooltip doesn't update when skilling Witchcraft

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    [C]Exorcism's tooltip doesn't update when skilling Witchcraft

    Exorcism's tooltips doesn't update to the new stats of Witchcraft

    Comparison with and without Witchcraft

    Witchcraft adds 3/4/5/6 spirits to it, so the tooltips should update like this

    Lvl0 witchcraft:
    SPIRITS: 4/12/21

    lvl1 witchcraft:
    SPIRITS: 7/15/24

    lvl2 witchcraft:
    SPIRITS: 8/16/25

    lvl3 witchcraft:
    SPIRITS: 9/17/26

    lvl4 witchcraft:
    SPIRITS: 10/18/27

    As comparison to her other spells, Crypt Swarm and Silence stats get updated (reduced mana cost and cooldown per level)

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