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Thread: Demand for game ready volume controller

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    Demand for game ready volume controller

    - I browse twitch, youtube, talk with people on skype so my dota is on 25% volume, even with sound on background i can't hear the game ready alarm

    Bigger problem:
    - If i don't hear the sound, then other guys will be 9/10 and wait for another game, yesterday i had 9 min restricted access to find games because of 3-4 times not accepting

    My solution:
    In picture was watching on twitch a TI4 game

    - When i watch something, i press Windows key then click on start menu.
    The tricky part about this solution is that i always have to repeat this when joining dota for a moment and sometimes i forget and games pass by because not accepting

    Please make a game ready volume controller, i would make it 100% in that day because i want to play and dont want people to wait for people like me who can't hear that sound.

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    Have the same problem. A few patches ago, it would blast my ears, now it is dead silent, come on...

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    Having the same problem lately, if im watching anything at all with sound ie: another match - I cant hear the alarm at all

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    Honestly I signed up for the forum to post the complete opposite.

    It's not that I CAN'T hear the sound. It's that with volume in dota turned all the way down that game ready sound still blasts the hell out of my ears.

    Frankly though it's not just this sound, and it's not just dota.

    TF2 has ALWAYS bothered me in this way. When you get killed you get a loud 'slam' sound.

    Either these noises should be controllable or there should be an adjustment for sound leveling. If the min-max sounds are now 1-100, I want to be able to squeeze them all down to 30-70. Equalize them all so I don't have loud pounding noises.

    Please Valve, for the hearing sensitive please do something about this.

    I know I died in TF2, I don't need a super loud slam sound to know it. You have colorblind mode for the sight impaired, can you kindly do something similar for those with hearing conditions.
    There are many times I have either quit playing, or got pissed off, or wanted to quit just because of the constant battering of my ears.

    Even if I turn all game sounds down real low so I can't hear anything, which isn't fun, I still get loud BAM all the time.

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