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Thread: Quelling blade reduces damage by 1

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    Quelling blade reduces damage by 1

    Edit: I am running linux freshly installed lubuntu 14.0.4
    Edit2:% damage increases does the same even without quelling blade. A dd rune gives 1 less damage than it should, but still just a visual error.
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    Does not happen for me. Can you test if it affects game play on Valve servers for you? (against level 1 wisp (perfect 0 armor) using some low attack damage range) I heard Linuxes have several strange problems.

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    lvl 1 crystal maiden with 1 blades of attack can hit for 50 damage against a lvl 1 wisp.
    lvl 1 maidens damage is 35-41 so with blades of attack and quelling blade it should be 44-50 but is shown as 43-49, so it's just the displayed number that's off.

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    Seeing the same display bug on arch linux:

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