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Thread: Hud does not scale properly when using Eyefinity

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    Hud does not scale properly when using Eyefinity


    As you can see the HUD does not scale properly.

    edit: Apparently this was reported in april of 2012 and still broken.
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    that's because they don't have a hud that wide... how do you expect it to scale exactly?
    you could fix that by modding the client itself if you are committed and are ready to invest several hours into this i guess...

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    The game does not support this, end of story.
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    The funny thing is it /does/ support it, but it has been hardcoded not to go any wider than it would on 16:10 (which I believe is the widest that dota supports).

    Hopefully they will fix all the aspect-ratio related bugs.

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    It allows me to select the resolution from the dropdown, the display looks fine, the only thing making it unusable is the mouse location bug.

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