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Thread: Game crashes with Linux - prevented from matchmaking for 12 hours!

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    Game crashes with Linux - prevented from matchmaking for 12 hours!

    I play Dota2 on a Ubuntu/Linux system.
    I know its not supposed to be suuuper stable - thats ok. The game crashes from time to time [mostly right after the loading screen, the moment I see the "ready up" screen]. Annoying, but not that big of a problem.
    Sometimes I need to restart my complete system, somtimes just dota.

    Now my problem: if there is a dota-update or if my system needs more then 3 min for the complete restart, I recieve an abbandon! Super annoying. Sometimes I dont recieve an abbandon, but I cant reconnect --> leads to a "failed to ready up"

    All of this is not fun - but I play this game on Linux and I know the program is not perfect for now.

    BUT: Now I have to wait for 8-10 hours every time before I can start a new game [EIGTH TO TEN HOURS!!!!,] because I am prevented from matchmaking. Since I never abandon games, since I try to be a fair and helping player, this really really sucks.

    Is there anything I cant do to somehow lower the time? (or: of course I would love that the game never crashes again).


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    The linux build is more than one year old now. It's definitely not supposed to be unstable. I have a bit more crashes these days than a few months back, but still... It's probably around 1/20 of my games (except for self hosted lan lobbies, those crash half the time). The experience you're describing is way out of line.

    The requeue times you're reporting are, I believe, part of a new set of measures valve put in place to deal with leavers, mmr cheaters and other game ruiners. From what I read those are supposed to appear when the matchmaking system notices long lasting patterns of a specific behaviour. I understand they disappear after some time when the MM notices the account stops abandoning/not loading.

    You NEED to figure and fix these crashes.

    So, ubuntu version ? updated ? graphic card ? video driver and version ? (most of these can be answered by copy pasting from steam main app, help menu, system informations)
    Are you getting crashes in other source games ? other non valve games ?

    Also, when you crash after the loading screen is it the first time you're loading the map since dota start ? (If so, you could try starting a bot game after you launch dota before queuing for multi ?)

    Finally, when you try to restart dota just after a crash, steam gives you the option of launching the game as is or wait for it to update. Accepting the update means you won't be able to rejoin but launching the game right there is supposed to allow you to reconnect.

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