Recently I've been having glitches where the item icons gets stuck to the cursor. But today I had this wired glitch, that also booted me from the game.
I have checked through known bugs list, but could not find this particular bug.

1. Bought Arcane Boots, tried to move the item to different slot, but the UI glitched and the item icon was stuck on cursor. (could not use the boots, could not use other items in inventory, the icon moves together with the cursor)
2. Disconnecting and Reconnecting did not fix the UI bug.
3. Restarted the game, UI glitch gone, but got disconnected after 10 or so seconds. Steam was online.
4. Got the "disconnected from server message".
5. Tried to reconnect but the loading failed with the same message.
6. The reconnect button gone.
7. The game is not in my games played history. As if I never played that game. I at least should have gotten an abandon, because actions 1 to 6 took about 2 minutes total.
8. Checked router, there were no interruption in internet access.

9. I press find game. Connect to next game, get the loading screen, but fail to connect.
10. Checked if my connection was up before and after I got the loading screen. 100% up-time.

A computer restart seemed to have fixed this.

Also would like to say that I got the UI bug (item icon stuck on cursor) 2-3 times before. But they were all at the end of the game, this one was around the 8 minute mark.

Unfortunately I did not make any screen shots, I will try to do it next time it happens to me.
I hope I reported this in the correct manner.