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Thread: Trouble linking a Korean/Nexon Dota2 account with a Steam Dota2 account

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    Trouble linking a Korean/Nexon Dota2 account with a Steam Dota2 account

    Thanks for any help I can get, although I know this is not a common topic.

    For some time now I have been playing Dota2 on the Korean servers (I've lived here for a year and a half now). This is to say that I have a Korean i-pin as well as login infor to both the Korean Nexon Dota2 site and Dota2 client.

    The problem occurs, however, when I add -nexon to the Steam client launch properties and it passes me through the account linking process in Korean.

    They ask me for my Nexon ID and Password:

    ... and followed by this screen which is the only one I am unsure of what it says:

    ...and finally continually given an error saying that I provided invalid information.

    Now, I have tried using both my Dota2 login infor that I use when I literally play on the Korean servers as well as the info that successfully logs me into the Korean Nexon website. Maybe they have simply disallowed the linking or there is something I am missing.

    Thanks again to anyone with any information.

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