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Thread: Custom Loadout Items/Kinetic Gems Broken

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    Exclamation Custom Loadout Items/Kinetic Gems Broken

    Update: 26 Dec 2018

    1. Having kinetic gems that changes animation still overrides each other, e.g: Juggernaut Fireborn Assault+Any Bladekeeper's Kinetic gems Fixed

    2. Multiple cases about Kunkka's Kinetic Gems socketed in Whaleblade/Shadowblade/etc cancels out the animations/effects. Fixed

    3. Lina's Kinetic Gem Twister no longer has any function, since the latest update, all her spawn animation is the custom spinning one with or without the kinetic gem. I've tried removing the kinetic gem from the inventory to test if it still works, and yes, it does. So the question is, now what is the function of the kinetic gem if the custom spinning spawn animation is there by default?

    4. Pudge Kinetic Gem Crow's Feet and Trapper's Treachery victory animation bugged when equipped together, as both kinetic gems has it's own victory animation, it combos half Crow's Feet animation and half Trapper's Treachery animation which looks like Pudge is having a seizure. Fixed

    4.1. With the new Pudge immortal, the Ripper's Reel, Golden Ripper's Reel and the Ripper's Reel of the Crimson Witness, the hook will dislocate and clip through the shaft consistently. - Partially Fixed (Sometimes Re-occurs)

    4.2. Pudge Ripper's Reel, Golden Ripper's Reel and the Ripper's Reel of the Crimson Witness now cannot combo with the Trapper's Treachery's animation. Previously it works, but for some reason, now it doesn't. Also, please change the icon of the Crimson Witness one to match the effects. Please re-fix this issue.

    5. Some cases of particle effects such as Faceless Void's Voidhammer or most of Chaos Knight's sets with particles are bugged. The particles do not appear where they should be. E.g: Chaos Knight's eye particles for his mount is on the floor both in loadout or in-game, Faceless Void's Voidhammer electric particles are on his side(supposed to be at the center of Voidhammer's jewel)

    5.1. Voidhammer and the CK sets particles. Some cases of other items like Bow of the Lone Traveler, the particles are still out of position Fixed

    5.2. Here is the post regarding CK set particle bug:, the front legs of his mount still seems to be hovering Fixed

    6. For the new immortals from the Golden Trove Carafe 2016 and the Treasure of the Crimson Witness, please change the in-game icon color accordingly as previously done to Golden Hydrakan Latch, Golden Fortune's Tout and Golden Shadow Masquerade

    7. Since latest updates, some particles including the Rubick's Fantoccini set seems to be screwed up. Along with some kinetic gems at random not working, such as Pudge's Trapper's Treachery which supposed to change the movement animation. The animation at random times does not work, then it works again Fixed

    8. The loadout screen when starting the game (with the "5 VS 5") shows incorrect poses for certain heroes. One of the most prominent is with Legion Commander's arcana where she poses as if she is using a Halberd instead of Dual Blades. Unable to confirm any other heroes with custom animations/poses for now. Will update if found. Screenshot below.

    Please Fix These Bugs
    Thank You For Fixing Some Of The Bugs! (Some of the fixed bugs have been removed from the list)

    9. Since now we are using Dota Plus Relics to track in-game stats, they seem to NOTwork at random times. Please note that we are SUBSCRIBING to Dota Plus and paying for it, hence, THESE KIND OF BUGS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING!

    10.Rubick Arcana, "Exalted The Magus Cypher" is not unlocked even after reaching 40 wins. In Steam inventory, it shows that the arcana has 40 wins, but in-game it only shows 20 wins per the screenshots. Please add back the correct count based on the Steam inventory stats in-game. (Placing this here because when Rubick's Arcana has a full unlocked gem, it changes his in-game animations)

    Suggestion: As having multiple kinetic gems override each other, why not the animation prioritizes the top-most socketed kinetic gem?
    Suggestion: Merging existing Inscribed Gem with Dota Plus Relics

    Example: Fireborn Odachi is equipped with Fireborn Assault and Blade Keeper's Blade Dance kinetic gems, the first kinetic gem (Fireborn Assault) should take priority.

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