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Thread: [AMD Radeon] Dota 2 14th August Update Visual Graphic Bug

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    For AMD users only(updated):
    1. open catalyst control.
    2. navigate to preference then advance view
    3. navigate to gaming>3D Application settings>Frame Rate Control
    4. Change Vertical Refresh to "Always On" and Open GL Triple Buffering to "on" then Apply
    5. also change "Texture Filtering quality" to "high quality"
    6. Play dota 2 and see if it works on you guys

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    @gerardnoah kindly specify your settings at your Vcard

    I'll try to troubleshoot your issue
    but I wont promise it will be fix right away

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    Happened today. Can't get rid of it. I won't fu**ing type gl_clear 0 at every match start. After seeing how old this thread is all I have to say is go f**k yourselves all ignorant volvo employees who were supposed to acknowledge and fix this.

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