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Thread: pop up location of team buys must chang.

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    pop up location of team buys must chang.

    The Icon that pops up when teammates buy an item have very a bad location.
    It blocks the upgrades alternatives, and when your running to a fight and buy same time and the icon popup it is very frustrating that it blocks the item you going to buy.

    I hope you understand what I am trying to say

    //Thanks for a great game.

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    I don't really understand. For me, when the Shop panel or everything else in front of it is open, it just does not show up at all. I can only see it when every popup window is closed so it doesn't bother anything.
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    I don't want the notification because it is in the way. There is a console command to disable it, unfortunately the text messages are disabled as well. I disable it and just deal with the consequences of my action.
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