When I made my 1st post at the beginning of 2014, I thought 1000 MMR Bracket was the lowest. It turns out I was wrong, I am now in 500 MMR Bracket - the lowest Dota 2 has to offer. With that said, I finally had the time to team up with people who genuinely belong here to uncover what it is they do that keep them locked up here after 150 or whatever games under their belt (I play exclusively on Ranked - which, according to Valve, provides a "competitive environment with other experienced players").

Since my 1st post, I've never been put in Low Priority for reasons other than Abandoning. Which leads me to believe that Valve has disabled Reports in this Bracket completely. Throughout the year, I've added various legitimately bad players who involuntarily feed through most of their games due to lack of skills/will/understanding/communication, lag, or whatever. And these people ALWAYS play on Ranked just like everybody else. Judging from Deaths racked up by these fellows after each game & Report threats I've gotten, my guess here is that if people in 500 MMR Bracket report all feeders they will run out of Reports so fast & over half our population will eternally be in Low Priority.

Inside The Minds - 500 MMR Players (each individual shares a fair amount of behaviors from this list):
  • They Queue to far away land and/or have severely unstable connection.
    I've never consciously committed such reckless act myself, but I teamed with people with 1 MMR & seen them do this. Overjoyed by having a freaking Party in Dota, they would queue us on 3 Servers like SE Asia, South Africa, & South America. The variety of which couldn't possibly result in a dependable connection for any proper control. Even a player who speaks English & is from Europe got caught up in one of our game - the lovely Mekansm Luna (because "I thought Regions are auto select"). It is in games like this where it's glaringly clear who is having trouble with the game and/or himself. Despite the team having a huge lead in the hand of professionals, this Luna would constantly be connecting & disconnecting every 5 minutes while feeding unimaginable Deaths along the way. Obviously, he caught my eye and so we became friends.
  • They think Riki & Bloodseeker is a recipe for winning.
    While other Brackets have "Support please", "I mid", etc. as common phrase during Hero Selection, for 500 MMR it's definitely "Pick Riki & Bloodseeker please! Pick Riki & Bloodseeker PLEASE!".
  • They cannot/refuse to read Hero Skills and/or Item Descriptions.
    While the concept is obscure to them, there is a HUGE Difference between intelligently obtaining unconventional Items that apply for the situation & completely disregarding the importance of Knowing Your OWN Hero Skills & Items. Players who suffer from this condition will be seen acquiring: Tranquil Boots on Slark, Phase Boots on Void, Vladmir's Offering on Zeus, Battle Fury on Luna, or doubling up Mask of Madness & Helm of Dominator on Sniper, etc. (I'm too lazy to dig out those games at this point, but I've witnessed those with my very own eyes)
  • They have their Personal Core Items that apply to EVERY Hero.
    Of all the 1 MMR players I partied with, 1 person proved to utilize this technique to the fullest extent. For over 2 weeks that we played his Core Items would include Wraith Band, Power Treads (Agility), & Vladmir's Offering. Did it terrify his own teammates when he picked Zeus/Viper and went for these 3 items? Yes. Yes, it did. Few seconds after Vladmir's Offering was acquired, "GG [insert Hero Name]" and/or "End Fast" is commonly uttered by teammates. Did they ever be so kind to tell him those Items don't apply for his Heroes? No, not even once.
  • They don't buy Boots.
    While some recognize the importance of Movement Speed as to have their Starting Items consist of 1 Boots of Speed (and Nothing else), some 500 MMR Carry will just completely ignore them and go straight for Damage Items. Different school of thoughts, but still same chance to win, I supposed. When NO BOOTS Ursa tops the team's Kills & GPM, who's there to argue?
  • They don't buy Town Portal Scrolls.
    In some occasions, it's the multiple stacks of Creeps that take over both Barracks ON THEIR OWN without ANY Enemy Hero nearby as the defending team has no Town Portal Scroll.
  • They eat 3-4 Tangos all at once to quickly heal after a fight.
    Why there's no Warning Label on this thing, I do not know.
  • They Auto Attack Creeps from start to finish.
    For the first 20 minutes, 2cs/min seems to be the Maximum farm speed for a "lucky dude" performing Auto Attack with a non farming friendly Hero. To put in perspective, 1st Page Live Game Carries can consistently do 6cs/min.
  • They have trouble spamming Skills.
    As any person worthy of calling himself a Zeus Player can execute Lightning Bolt, Arc Lightning, & Thundergod's Wrath Combo within 1.5 seconds. A 500 MMR Zeus will have trouble just going through the 1st Round of those 3 Spells in 10 seconds. A Lightning Bolt will be followed by them losing sight of Zeus (because "he is too small"), then turned into a panic Ultimate which may/may not be gotten off before his death. If no death occurred (because enemies are too busy shopping or whatever), by the time Zeus is found Lightning Bolt would be off cooldown already.
    Same applies to Riki, who will either only be able to Smoke Screen OR Blink Strike, but Never one right after another. During our experiment, a window of 3-5 seconds was mandatory before Test Subject was able to execute his 2nd Ability; at which time, the 1st Ability used would be rendered useless.
    Invokers seen in this Bracket are capable of casting 2 Spells (and it will be lucky if they both hit): Sun Strike & Chaos Meteor, or EMP & Tornado (yes, EMP comes 1st). Consider yourself lucky if one in your game is able to perform Ghost Walk (given ample time after other Spells were casted, of course). No Ice Wall or Forge Spirit ever appeared on the Map in presence of a 500 MMR Invoker. And while it is almost a guarantee that any Hero who are able to wield an Aghanim's Scepter upgrade will attempt to rush for it (as seen with the many Spirit Breakers & Rubicks); Invoker, as the only exception, will never go for it. I was tempted to suggest that Invokers buy Aghanim's Scepter, but seeing their play style, which emphasizes on randomly dying & not contributing more than 2 Spells per fight, Eye of Skadi looks to be a more suitable option. Worth mentioning is that I've seen a Phantom Assassin going for Aghanim's Scepter not too long ago.
  • They use Mouse to click their Ultimate.
    Normal Skills are usually activated via Hotkeys, but they have to drag their Mouse all the way down to click the Ultimate for reason yet clear to me. This explains the behaviors of Skywrath Mage who can be seen standing still in the middle of a fight doing absolutely nothing for 2-3 seconds before landing an Ultimate with the lowest accuracy in the history of Dota.
  • They have trouble positioning their Screen & finding their Heroes during fights.
    Needless to say, they panic, start clicking around, & run right into the enemy horde for a quick death times and times again.
  • They have 0 awareness of what's going on around the Map other than 1800 range (or even lower) surrounding their Hero.
    From my observation, it seems some of them do not realize the possibility of moving the Screen far from their Hero's Location to scout. This behavior, when combined with their habit of peeking (when they need to watch enemies destroy their Tower), will lead them to stumble too close to the enemies resulting in countless deaths.
  • They shop at most illadvised times.
    Just for the record, people in 500 MMR Bracket spend a minimum of 10 seconds in the Shop Menu each time they bring it up & this can go as long as a minute or more. Which isn't really the problem in itself, until they start doing it WHILE Attacking Enemy Towers or Breaking Into Enemy High Ground Barracks. Having almost half their Screen blocked by the Shop Menu, in combination with a poorly positioned Screen (which can barely see the Hero), it is inevitable their Heroes die Repeatedly while shopping unacknowledged. Many times you will see Heroes in this Bracket freeze in 1 spot for a good 10 seconds or more in the middle of nowhere, I suspect they are doing the shopping.
  • They prioritize wrong things.
    Roshan = Win Dota Syndrome
    Some believe killing Roshan will ultimately lead to victory under all conditions. They will attempt Roshan solo with some impossible Heroes like Rubick or Invoker at level 10 or when the game is clearly not going their way only to end up failing. When these players are in close proximity to Roshan they will persistently Ping the location asking for help at most imprudent times with no Wards resulting in a wipe to those willing participants. Fascinatingly, their mental condition will prevent them from recognizing this mistake & they will go on to another game doing the exact same thing over and over again.
    Tower = Win Dota Syndrome
    Some believe the game is ALL About Towers so they prioritize Towers over everything else. They will proceed to push Towers like nobody's business since Level 1 on Heroes like Riki or Zeus. If a fight ensue and they survived there will be 2 options that they strictly follow:
    (1) They have Low HP = Run back to the nearest Tower and DEFEND Until Death or Lane Enemies disappear then start pushing again (Without going back to heal & ultimately resulting in Death)
    (2) They have High HP = Keep pushing until another fight ensue (likely with them having no Mana) then repeat the same loop
    This is a very smooth way of feeding. I was wondering how some people feed so much without their team's discontent - this is it. This is how they do it. It seems they are helping. It seems they are trying. But it will also make sure they silently go At Least 1-10 every game doing it.
  • They lack 5 Man Teamwork.
    By this I mean just actually sticking in a group of 5. From my experience, when a game is composed of everyone below 500 MMR you have to always assume that for the whole 50 Minutes game you will never get 5 men together. Even when taking Barracks, the 500 MMR Bracket will allocate a maximum personnel of 3 to take it while another 2 is completely preoccupied doing personal stuff; e.g. being dead, afk, or jungling (because Gold is very hard to come by with all the hapless Auto Attacks). As said previously, in some occasions, it's the Creeps that take over Barracks on their own. A game with multiple 1000 MMR players will have a 5 man here and there after 30 minutes or so. Sometimes the lone 1000 MMR would start calling for team to stick, but if the roster is filled with 500 MMRs then it will never happen. A group of 2000 MMR players is where 5 manning for Tier 1 Towers can be seen.
  • They think 1500 MMRs are Role Models.
    Occasionally, these people descend from their 2000 MMR Bracket or whatever and got put in 500 MMR to even things out. And to their credit, they do shine here. These people will be congratulated & praised during the Hero Selection Phase; "Hey, I remember you, you are so good!", "Oh, You went godlike last game, please do it again!", "Oh it's you! Please solo mid and win!". These 1500 MMRs are pretentious, arrogant, & grossly overrated. Curious as to why these players are viewed by 500 MMRs as some divine beings, I normally double the Mid Lane with them to see what the fuss is all about & trust me it's nothing special; they don't Block Creeps, they Auto Attack Creeps, they have 0 idea about managing Creeps Aggro or Lane Equilibrium, & when their team is losing they start blaming others just like everybody else.
  • They do what they are told without thinking.
    While it is obvious that some, even at 500 MMR, have such deep understanding in Dota that it is impossible for them to accept anything new. Some of the minds proved far more flexible, evidently so at a promise of "Fast Win". The event which is about to unveil took place over a month ago & so my memory has faded somewhat. At the beginning of this game, I specifically called for Mid (with intention to win, effortlessly go beyond godlike, & get out of this Bracket for good); however, thanks to our Keeper of the Light parking his Hero at our Tier1 Tower before Battle Horn was even blown, I did not get Mid Lane. Frankly, I was a little upset so I sarcastically typed "5 mid", "fast win". To my surprised, after the pilgrims heard these 4 words, They ALL CAME (5 Solo Queues). And so in this game we witnessed an extremely rare Early 5 Man Push orchestrated by the greedy Radiant. Unfortunately, the vicious Dire Tier 1 Tower claimed the lives of 3 of our men at Level 1 (whose names shall not be mentioned) giving the opponents an early 3-0 lead. Bolstered by peer pressure from non stop dubstep Ping at the Tower, the 3 Heroes resuscitated back to Mid immediately only to die 2 more times giving Dire a 5-1 lead which then spiraled out of control & we lost horribly. Did it turn into a blame game afterwards? Definitely, if I recall correctly, it was this Offlane Shadow Fiend who kept saying "you lane wrong", "your plan wrong", "you wrong"; "wrong" must've been said over 15 times by him that I just didn't feel like defending myself at that point for what any worthy judge would call "a Team's bad decision". Granted all 4 of them fully cooperated without any hesitation from the get go, it is farfetched this is one person's fault. And for what's it's worth nobody forced these fools to believe in this "5 mid fast win" bullcrap anyway. Was it worth it, though? Absolutely. (Looking back on it, this could be the turning point when I thought "Screw going up, Let's Go Down!", and down I journeyed into the land where feeding is not frowned upon & logic, at times, ceased to exist; thanks to that god forsaken Keeper of the Light.)
  • They don't think communication is important.
    Every game will consist of at least 1 person who refuse to communicate whatsoever. My assumption is that many of them don't even understand English but Queues in English (thanks to the infamous Auto Select). As there are too many Languages to possibly include in Preference, perhaps it would be best to have "I Will Not Communicate to others using any widely accepted languages" as Auto Select; while having other Language Options as Preference. This way they will have their own pool of players and it would be less a torment to others. Granted they don't even make the effort to READ Hero Skills/Item Descriptions after whatever 150 games they've played to get to Ranked & While BEING IN Ranked, it's highly unlikely they will come to Preference & start changing things around.
  • They don't fix problems at root cause.
    One believe that is so pervasive here is "I always die so I should buy Bloodstone(s) to get more playtime"; rather than "What should I buy/sell/do so I stop dying?". It's the thoughts like this that explains how these people innovated a jawdropping amount of new ideas for dying & take it to a whole new level where 1 MMR cannot simply justify their level of creativity.
  • They do not learn from mistakes.
    At times I question if they know what they are doing is a mistake at all. A Sniper who walked into Enemy territory and got killed by a Bounty Hunter, after respawn will proceed to do the same thing over and over and over again. I never count, but it's probably about 8 times before they decide to stop. Obviously, in the next game they will try their luck using the exact same procedure again.

  • People in the same Match are NOT as bad as you are. As stated above, 1500 MMR players are known as Kings when brought to 500 MMR Bracket & it is not uncommon for 2000 MMR to come down here as well. The Skills difference Can Be pretty wide.
  • Even the fairness of the Match itself cannot be counted on. There has been numerous situations where MMR Difference seemed so wide that it didn't make any sense, but none which can be used to demonstrate as plainly as the one below (as all involved at least 1 player with TBD). This example illustrates how the favor is indisputably leaning towards Dire Team (1800, 1800, 1200, 1000, 20) and awaay from the Radiant (990, 960, 920, 360, 50). To elaborate, all 5 Radiant MMRs Combined is LESS than the Top 2 Dire players. What did All 5 players on Radiant do to deserve such unfair treatment is of great question here. As it appears the match was created for 1 sole purpose of getting Radiant Team completely ran over by people who each doubled their MMRs. It goes without saying that Radiant team FEEEDS from start to finish. What's worst is in these types of game people Always look for a person to blame. In this particular case, it was the 0-12 Death Prophet who, presumably after leading the team in Deaths Counts for a good period of time, decided to start the witch hunt herself. Upon checking Chat Log near the end of game, I found she raged about my limited contribution on both Team Chat & All Chat the entire game. She even made various attempts to expose my farming location to another team; unfortunately, due to her extreme lack of vocabulary, was unsuccessful in doing so (and I sat in that one single location since about 2 minutes mark, only to do an "InB4gg" at the very last minute to register some Scoreboard Stats). This type of lopsided games Always bring out the toxicity in people.
  • In many occasions, those very bottom MMR players get teamed with multiple overly high MMRs creating an obscenely uneven game.

Quote Originally Posted by AreWeData
Dude... Pop ups... Pop ups everywhere.
I sincerely apologize for the Popups. I never realized they had them as I never saw them on any of my PC.

Quote Originally Posted by TzucciMane
This is only missing ONE important thing, under No Communication: it needs to state that only 1 in every 100 other people actually USE their in-game microphone. Tons of them have it, tons of them don't - many of them from both sides aren't even sure what the hotkey is or that it even exists - but one thing is for sure: you are most ALWAYS the only one using your mic. This holds true all the way up to 3000+ MMR.
It is fortunate enough if 3 teammates are willing to communicate using keyboard in Language that they Selected (English). Full coordination through Microphones is a luxury men in 500 MMR Bracket can't afford.

Quote Originally Posted by wezagred
Nice post and also good for anyone wondering why they actually are in the lower brackets.
It is my hope that some players in Lower Brackets will find my post useful & spark their learning, thank you.

Quote Originally Posted by usedemageht
Very entertaining read, I hope you do some short video highlights for fun. My favorite is how saying "lag" makes them forgive you
Quote Originally Posted by isospeedrix
AWESOME writeup, would love if you could stream your games, especially captains mode
Quote Originally Posted by jermsz
I'd love to see you stream dorm games to see what it looks like from your view.
I appreciate that you read both my Articles. As an alternative to "lag", it is also possible to say "zzzzzzzz". I'm not too sure what message it is supposed to convey or how it helps increase the chance of winning. But I've experimented with it & the result conclusively show that teammates will be less hostile towards you when "zzzzzzzz" is typed after feeding. Another useful tip is, of course, doing the 3-5 Cautionary Ping at the nearest Ally whenever you die; regardless of how far he was or if it was even possible for him join that fight.
On future Videos, I will consider it. However, as a warning to anyone who dare tread on this dangerous road, I came to a self realization when I read this quote in a study conducted by kyuronite@Reddit, "When I finished this experiment and played on my main account, I subsequently lost many games. I would expect this to be due to the fact that I picked up many stupid habits and became a bit too lax in my gameplay". His words hold true. And even though it is addictively amusing here, it is also detrimental to my Dota Skills. I would advise any player that his participation in these games is done in moderation. And remember, "The measure of a man is what he does with power".

Quote Originally Posted by Burninator_89
Will.. Will you work with me on this? I considered the same thing reading this, though not to smurf but to teach.
Quote Originally Posted by MicroNoob
For just 5 dota tips a day, you can help little jimmy get out of MMR hell.
Quote Originally Posted by Vhyrrimyr
I think at this MMR, little Jimmy doesn't even know he's in hell.
Quote Originally Posted by gometa23
I have a friend who I'm sure it's sub 1K(I can't really know since he refuses to play Ranked), but most of these apply to him! Except the "No Boots" thing, he usually gets two, Tranquils and Treads. And it's not Riki and Bloodseeker for him, but Viper and Sniper. He also doesn't use any Hotkeys, it's all with his mouse. I keep asking why not use his left hand, since he isn't doing nothing with it, and he just dodges the question weirdly, dunno what that's about.
But definitely the worst thing about it, it's how he refuses to listen to any advice. I was pretty excited to get someone to play together with me, but even after I told him he should only last hit the creeps, buy only one boot, etc, he just keeps doing it because "I won a match while doing that once, so it's okay".
If you are interested in Coaching & sharing knowledge, my Friend List is filled with these players. I'd ask that you be aware of the language barrier & the quotes that came after yours. In light of my experiment, after 2 Coaching Sessions Test Subject2 ("I can't find my Hero" Zeus) displayed signs of heightened intelligence & now possesses spamming skills that far exceeded others in this Bracket. I maintain my hypothesis that: (1) A presence of a highly skilled Coach(not Teammate) will radically boost their healthy brain functions, & (2) All is not lost with these species. Though, unnatural behaviors such as Oppa Ninja Style Riki (as will be covered later) remains unexplained.

Quote Originally Posted by Amanoo
Might be interested to smurf a little just for fun and show them some Earth Spirit. People in that MMR tend to assume that "I got owned by hero X, so that hero must be OP and I must pick him next time". I'll gleefully think about all the DotA2 players who will proceed to instapick Earth Spirit without ever having practiced him. Or maybe use Meepo for that, but I can't micro.
Your assumption is accurate. After witnessing a game where I played Storm Spirit or Morphling (Not the AFK Jungling Morphling), some will be seen playing those Heroes afterwards with only the memory of my End Game Items & nothing regarding my Starting Items, Farming Technique, Fight Initiations, or any other intricacies. When available, I would offer to Coach these fellows on the following Heroes. After 1 Morphling Coaching Session (where we covered the subjects of: Last Hitting, Lane Equilibrium, Attributes Management - Strength & Agility Shifts, & Itemization - feasibility of Ethereal Blade, Linken Sphere, etc.), Test Subject3 seemed to have abandoned the idea of playing Morphling completely; despite having played & failed with Morphling for 4 straight games prior to the Coaching Session.

Quote Originally Posted by itaShadd
I'm not entirely sure about that. Being able to lose without raging is not MMR dependent, and there's no indication that 500 MMR players don't rage - in fact I think there's evidence of the opposite. They all rage, only in higher MMRs they have some slight clue more on what to rage about.
From my experience, the environment in Non Ranked Games is a lot more pleasant as mentioned in my 1st Article. Teammates completely gave me the space to freely do whatever I please without ever saying anything negative, or saying anything for that matter. In Ranked, half the time there will be accusations aimed directly towards my unorthodox play style.

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How long do you wait for a game? Based on my experience I would guess 6 minutes.
5 minutes during prime time, 2 minutes on Sunday.

Quote Originally Posted by Buy_A_Force_Staff
Any idea just how far up into the 2k range a 500 mmr player is likely to get matched with?
Also, any idea how common the lopsided matches are?
I believe 2,147 MMR is the highest I've seen. When they come, they conquer.
When I team up with a new combination of TBD friends we will get -5 MMR games 90% of the time. I don't have the statistics on Solo.

Quote Originally Posted by WinterAyars
I suspect bots would crush these people.
Having some experience with Unfair Bots myself, I can confidently say they will crush these people 10 times out of 10. People who are genuinely below 500 MMR has approximately 0 chance of defeating Unfair Bots - Zero.

Quote Originally Posted by HELPMEIMGONADIE
How can you see the mmr += and your own ingame?
Quote Originally Posted by Deadlydog_
It is displayed everytime after you play a ranked match.
Even some of the 500 MMR players playing in Ranked do not know this. I know when I tried to explain our chance of winning those -5 MMR games to them.

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http://postimg.org/image/9zbaxojb9/ <------ Is that 1 mmr I see, or a bug?
Quote Originally Posted by Fallen_Wings
Vlads on sniper ??
1 MMR ??
seems legit.
You are correct. The Sniper is as "legit" as they come, a genuine 1 MMR Player. One of the few people here whose presence commands reactions like "oh [insert ID Name], gg.." from teammates as early as the Loading Screen.
When he picks Riki he will manage to create roughly 0 impact to the game. There is 2 types of Initiation that he & some Riki below 500MMR are capable of (Oppa Ninja Style Riki):
(1) Smoke Screen & run away (like a Ninja)
(2) Blink Strike & fight up front until death (with no Smoke Screen ever being used)
Evidently, applying this wonderful technique, invented by some of the most astute players in the history of Dota, the Riki will pretty much not be able to kill anybody in the game - even dying to a Sniper 1 on 1. And most of these Snipers, by the way, are Ultimate 1st Shoot Later Sniper - regardless of how much Health the Target has. In other Brackets, All Chat blames will normally come in the form of "noob Carry", in 500 MMR Bracket they come in form of "noob Riki"/"noob Bloodseeker" (when these 2 Heroes do not buy Boots, buy Slippers of Agility as Boots, or buy Tranquil Boots, the faith of the team is pretty much sealed).
On a more serious note, I suspect there is something blatantly wrong with Smoke Screen's Ability Description in Languages other than English that cause some players to behave this way; in case anyone cares to investigate. Blink Strike & fight up front is understandable in players with low combat experience. But deliberately using Smoke Screen every time before running away (even when he is not revealed) isn't.

Quote Originally Posted by u83rmensch
his name is super ricky, and hes playing sniper. Im gonna go a head and say that its probably not a bug.
Since we are on the topic of "Player Name indicates his intelligence". I should go on to say that this Sniper sometimes changes his name to: "ricky1984". Coincidentally, we have another regular member in this Bracket named "yodrak1982". YodRak, translated, means Super Lover (Peak Love). So for anyone whose voyage reached the shore of this magical land, you will have a chance to meet our dear "super lover1982" & "super ricky1984" in person and witness their amazements by yourself. They are not related & are from different countries. I teamed them up in the same Party before.

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HOW can a Ursa get 18 kills and win without skilling Q, buying boots or blink??? Oh, theres a giant bear walking with 300Ms at me. Better stay and hit him.
Quote Originally Posted by moorbre
No boots ursa, didn't even level EarthShock, how did he kill anyone is beyond me, why didn't they just run away
Quote Originally Posted by imjp
Running away is for pussies. Are you a pussy?
Keep in mind, our Bloodseeker also didn't have any Boots. No Boots Bloodseeker isn't a rare sight here, after all "why Boots when I get Bonus Speed when I most needed it (for KS)". In practice, though, they are absolutely terrible.

Quote Originally Posted by Floojals
To be fair, how are you supposed to know who you can't stay and hit if you don't stay and hit them?
Two close encounters with Ursa should suffice in indicating how a person/team should deal with him. This is to be expected after 150 games Before getting to Ranked. The probability of never seeing an Ursa in a 5v5 (assuming each of 107 Heroes has the same chance of being picked) after 150 trials is less than 0.0001%.

Quote Originally Posted by Jaqobe
After reading: "They have their Personal Core Items that apply to EVERY Hero."
I remember myself building Sange & Yasha, every game on every hero when I first started playing HoN.
Would you care to explain why that is exactly? Because to this day I'm still having trouble getting over this Sand King here. When he said "I'm gonna get new boots", I was delighted at the idea of him selling his Power Treads; only to find that he got Boots of Travel on top of it.

Quote Originally Posted by Dopplegangr1
What is your obsession with BoTs? Especially on NP wtf
For any player looking to blend into this Bracket. Boots of Travel offers a shrewd option of dying: wait for all teammates to die then Teleport in to die right after them. From my professional experience, if you Teleport in & act like you don't know it can be Cancelled they view it as "unintentional" & there will be no "report [insert Hero Name]". It is unquestionably more discreet than running all the way there, while everybody's dead & looking at you, just to die alone. Being able to die a timely death ensures the enemy has an opportunity (though they might not realize it) to take the Barracks and/or Ancients. If my Teleportation Skill is on cooldown, Boots of Travel is required. Boots of Travel is not an obsession, it is a Gift - reserved for players with discipline to farm while not dying unnecessarily along the way. There is no such thing as Boots of Travel = Win Dota Syndrome.
Onto Nature Prophet, he is a unique hero who possesses both the ability to AFK Jungle & deceivingly shut down teammates like Pudge & Bloodseeker, which are commonly used to get "Easy Win". Using multiple 300 Move Speed Treants to path block (Stop Spams with moderate Sideway Moves) essentially assure Bloodseeker under effect of Thrist & Pudge's Meat Hook are unable to reach their Target; while having the event portrayed as "an accident" (they do not know what Stop Spams is). Whenever these Heroes are about to make a move, Nature Prophet also possesses the ability to Teleport right in between them & prevent a death. His most contribution, however, comes from his ability to inform enemies there is a Bloodseeker on the opposing team without saying anything on All Chat. Repeated Teleportation in combination with Stop Spams ensure any low HP enemy is aware of the impending danger. It takes quite a while for the message of "there is a Bloodseeker on another team" to register with them, but in most cases they will be aware after 7th or 8th Teleportation; while the more primitive ones will require 2 Deaths.
So to answer your question, Boots of Travel + Nature Prophet = Success.

Quote Originally Posted by d0ubl
To the op: have you asked these players if they are trying to win or improve? How many game ruiners, like intentional feeders and courier feeders, have you met in your games?
Some have personally told me after consecutive losses that they "want to win". It might not seem like it, but they do want to win. They just don't know how & clearly many are not able to distinguish the difference between "want to Kill" & "want to Win". Those who are self aware of their stunningly low MMR can be seen playing Non Ranked Games instead to stop the number from going down; while those who doesn't care will run it down to 1 MMR where it couldn't possibly get any lower. Some doesn't understand the language they Selected & Queued with (English) so it is impossible to know their thoughts or intentions.
Courier Feeding is never seen here. As a matter of fact, a team will be lucky if we have a Courier at the start; though, when 1 appears 2 is not uncommon (because "yours is ugly"). Half the time a team will not have any Courier 10 minutes into the game. I was quite shocked when I started playing Storm Spirit here & had to walk all the way back to the Fountain to grab my Bottle. I never knew this because I had been AFK Jungling my way here and saved myself from the mental anguish of early game where there will be no Courier. Those Storm Spirit games you see me play, most of the time, I bought the Courier myself.
Feeding, as I would define it, is "when the person knows his action will result in his own death without any negative consequence to the enemies & still commits the crime". But honestly, with these "experienced players" it's still really hard to tell if they know what they are doing. During a Coaching Session with Test Subject2, when enemies, including Pudge, disappeared from Top Lane into the jungle he immediately ran out there to happily farm with his Zeus. Did he expect to die? No. Did I expect him to die? Yes.
So based on that, I'd say there was only 1 occasion, an obvious case involving a Bloodseeker went something like 0-30 while arguing with a random Pudge teammate for the whole game in language I did not understand. In this case, he continuously ran to the enemy & stood still right in front of them without ever putting up any fight.
Another, which is debatable, involved this Rubick here. I didn't realize anything until my Phantom Assassin went beyond godlike before any of their Tier1 Towers were down & Rubick, all of the sudden, will just be continuously dying. He finished off by running straight into the Enemy Mid Tower to die, but this was in combination with him constantly connecting & disconnecting (only after I went beyond) until he 5 Minutes Abandoned the game. So there was not enough conclusive evidence for me to call him an Intentional Feeder at that point.
Intentional Feeding, if to be applied correctly, should be done with Nature Prophet in this style of play to ensure the mission is accomplished. I wouldn't personally pick Heroes like Bloodseeker or Rubick just to feed.

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You have a picture of an 18/8 ursa whose mmr is "8"... dunno bout that.
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What if everyone in the bracket is doing the same thing as him?
Your guess is right. That Ursa's Party MMR was around 1,050; never has his performance been comparable to the Sniper. However, he does share many of the behaviors listed above so he definitely belongs in this Bracket, just not at that 1 MMR Level. Possibly the same as players who could unintentionally drop -800 MMR below their own level. The difference here is that there is nowhere to go lower than 1. And it wasn't too far in his case that he probably chose to complete that once in a lifetime milestone. Last I saw him, he had around 150 Solo MMR. I just had to delete him because he has this condition where he had to copy paste whatever he said to me at least 3 times.
"why dont you talk to me?"
"why dont you talk to me?"
"why dont you talk to me?"
"are you mad at me?"
"are you mad at me?"
"are you mad at me?"
"are you mad at me?"
"you are mad at me!"
"you are mad at me!"
"you are mad at me!"
"you are mad at me!"
"you are mad at me!"
"you are mad at me!"
There could be more like him, but I just never notice them. You have to realize that people who don't belong in the Bracket, but are trying to belong here, will have to perform like they belong here if not worse. And even, say, a genuine 400 MMR player could have 1000 MMR with certain Heroes; sadly they don't play them enough so their MMR is 400. I've seen countless of extremely bad players who made glaringly obvious mistakes that I had to add them. And it turns out the MMR disparity between them are quite far apart. So even for the same person playing different Heroes, it would already be hard to tell them apart.
In this game, where all players MMR appeared to be less than 400, anyone in 1,000 MMR range could've easily be going for those Items; save for the Brewmaster - who appeared to be confused by the colors of his Ultimate that he had to get all Bracer, Wraith Band, & Null Talisman just to be safe. This Brewmaster didn't have any Boots, but he at least has Yasha, so that's better than nothing. He didn't rack up most Deaths here, but if I recall correctly he was the cause of most Deaths to teammates. So that's another genuine soon to be 1 MMR player for you. Others, however, could've easily been in the 1,000s; except for the Riki who, upon joining a game, will get greetings like "oh, [insert ID Name], gg.." from teammates as well; I think this is him on a good day.
This game, in contrast, featured a Bounty Hunter, who apparently has rather high MMR, but I don't even know what he is doing with that Bloodstone. And this guy is pretty bad. I played with him at least 5 times & his team normally loses. I remember his Profile Photo.
I would go on to say that people who are genuinely below 200 MMR deserve negative MMR. From my experience, when these people participated in a game with high MMR players (1,000 - 2,000 MMR) their presence helps the opposing team more than it does to their team. My Party MMR calibrated to about 390 because I teamed up with these people (I Calibrated Solo at 596 MMR). Obviously, when teaming with a friend no one in their right mind can go all out ChiLongQua Style without getting FDelete'd so my deaths were never overboard during Party Calibration. It's truly the effects from the teammates - there is no question about it.

So to leave you all with a quote:
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Some men through dedication will gain MMR, some will lose MMR, & some will maintain their MMR. Then some men through actions are destined to lose MMR, but there's just nowhere else lower to go.