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Thread: There is a way.....

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    There is a way.....

    Since the concede thread has been closed and no replies can be made there now, I thought the community thread would be the only place to put this. If you look closely at the situation, there actually is a concede option already. All you have to do is stay in low priority indefinitely. Abandoning LP games results in nothing other than remaining in LP, so there's no reason not to if it's obvious the match is over. I mean really..... unless you are playing for battle points, how does it hurt you other than the longer search times? Since the mmr system is garbage anyhow, the inability to play ranked matches is not a disadvantage in my opinion. Since there are some real knuckleheads over at valve, just thought I'd want to share this as a potential solution.

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    other than exp/levels/items on leveup, the most important is people in lpq all they want to do is get out and get back in normal q, hence its very likely they will just keep walking mid till enemy team gets strong enough to go high ground. They are in lpq cause they rage quited from a game (since reports suck a lot lately and they do nothing) so they wont have any particular prob to do it again while you playing with them but other than that, if the shoe fits you... nobody is forcing/asking you to get out from lpq. If you by any means enjoy the games there, you can stay forever

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