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Thread: Consider adding smartcast to this game

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    Didn't we allready have a Smartcast thread?

    Meh who cares. As with any non-Gameplay affecting feature I can just say: "Just add in an Option". Like I basically always do. Doubt it would make alot speed difference for me since I actually hit button/left click pretty simaltanously but it would surely screw me up due to the many times were I though I was using the chat but actually wasn`t (imagine it: I try to chat and ROFL-Blink into all the enemy team right after I wasted all my spells :P)

    Hi Shaella, while I am not a former LoL player I allready knew your name. I sometimes read the lol forums just to keep up knowledge off other Games or just for shit and giggles (seriously: search for DotA in the LoL forum!).

    Two questions:
    1. What the fuck are hyper-carries and why do some LoL players believe itis some DotA term? (I can actually guess they mean hard carries... but seriously wtf?) I canīt ask them myself sice I don`t have an account -.-
    2. Why do they deem you as a troll? According from what I`ve seen most of your posts over there are actually quite good compared to the rest of those peoples posts?

    And just because of the second point:
    Welcome (even though a quite late one).

    edit: if you implement an optional Smart Cast: Do it like HideInLight said!

    edit2: One more Shaella praise: You actually talk about lowering the Skill Floor while leaving the skill ceiling intact. And you actualy do this without mentioning enemy Mana Bars!
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