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Thread: Tutorial : Increase FPS in DOTA 2 and how to see your FPS

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    Tutorial : Increase FPS in DOTA 2 and how to see your FPS

    How to see your FPS and PING in Dota 2 while in game :

    Step 1 : Go to steam>library>all games>right click Dota 2 on the left side>properties>SET LAUNCH OPTION> type ''-console''
    Step 2 : When you start Dota 2 console screen will appear and type ''net_graph 1'' and press enter
    Step 3 : To exit console screen press ''` or ~'' key under the ESCAPE key on the left side of your keyboard . LOL .

    How to increase FPS in Dota 2 .
    Step 1 : Overclock your GPU and download GAME BOOSTER. Close all unescesarry programs.
    Step 2 : Off your themes and set it to best performance.
    Step 3: While in Dota 2 go to settings>video> TURN OFF Vsync and especially ANTI-ALIASING and turn all effects to low except ANIMATE PORTRAIT .

    I have my HD 5450 and running at 50-60 FPS in 1360x768 resolution . Quality and Performance. )

    Hope I help you. )

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    This is a very bad fps increase guide -.-
    Game booster doesn't work...

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    It works. If I dont use Game booster my fps 45-50

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    if ur fps is low just enable vsync and triple buffering... it will do fine

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    1. Overclocking GPU is NOT for regular people.
    2. Gamebooster is actually SLOWING YOU DOWN if you have no idea what it does. A simple "exit program" is enough.
    3. Actually, playing at 1360x768 resolution is very intensive for bad PCs. Lowering to 800x600 will DRAMATICALLY increase your FPS.

    Overall, this is PURE misleading for new people.

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    You want screenshot for proof?

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    i want see this screen , and my next question is how i can triple buffering on ?

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    Don't overclock your GPU unless you have some good cooling system, and know what you're doing.
    Too much overclocking can cause some graphical issues, and can maybe harm your GPU (if it gets too hot)

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