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Thread: BUG All Hero Challenge

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    Oct 2014
    Same happened to me - got win, due to high loads -> update later. No update so far. Fix plz, shouldn't be that hard.

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    Oct 2014
    Same Issue

    MATCH ID-987749095
    Victory with Legion Commander failed to register in all hero challenge after game completion during Dota 2 network troubles.

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    Jul 2014
    Same issue here with player Sambagy - "120404746"
    Won match "987535064" for Zeus challenge and it was not counted.
    Is the game lost for good or will this issue be corrected?

    Note that match count is "2" in the hero challenge, which should be "3". So it does not see the match as win or lost. Is there a "refresh" command for the challenge to see my matches?

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    same problem
    player Nukist
    Match 987757480 and Match 989990122

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    Nov 2014
    I just played bat rider for all hero challenge. 1st game lost 2nd game won it still says i am on bat rider after 6 hours. pls update.

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    Same problem after 5 wins same hero stuck, no progress saved.
    I get some guidelines from support, however it doesn't help alt all (as always).
    I do format my pc as a last resource and let them now its not my pc or network, so is their problems and need to put attention to this.
    Its really frustrating.
    Check attachments
    #1 is the last match we won
    #2 the status of all hero challenge
    #3 is the last match result, i is says abandon, as always even is we win the match

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    SAme problem here... Multiple times... most recently with witch Doctor, but it also happened with shadow demon and Axe...

    MatchID 1021742506

    It it matters... I got the rate teammate Box after the battle.. maybe it interefered with getting the notification that hero completed???
    really annoying since its happened multiple times already...

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    Nov 2014
    Same problem again...
    This is my second time...
    First time, I stucked and wrote to Steam support:
    Message by you on Fri, 26th Sep 2014 8:38

    I have an issue with hero challenge advancing.
    I won game playing Tusk, but nothing happened.
    I thought that there is something wrong with presentation (I already had similar problem). In fact, I won game but nothing happened in that case. I had to restart Steam client and after that, everything was OK. I had advanced to next hero.
    This time, this didn't do the trick. I have tried to restart computer, but that didn't work. And I have continued as Spectre because it was my next challenge. After another wining in that game, I realize that I can't go further. Something stucked!!!
    Here you have screenshots-
    So, I would like you to help me if you can, so I can continue my challenge.

    Thanks in advance,

    They replied to me 20 days after that and told me to write here:

    I decided to play agin with problematic hero and I succeded to move along.

    But, I have the same problem again with phantom lancer:
    As you can see, the game is won, but there is no progress in hero chalenge.

    Is this going to be solved once for all, or is going to happen in future?

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    Same problem. Played Bane Elemental a while ago. Won. Server problem after game. Not Saved. Please fix
    Match ID 1034373038

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