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Thread: [Linux] Fixing DotA 2 Low FPS (Regardless of Settings)

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    Post [Linux] Fixing DotA 2 Low FPS (Regardless of Settings)

    I am not an active forum member, but I would like to share this piece of information with the community as there have been a lot of concerns regarding DotA 2 (Or other Source games) that it has low FPS (~15-20 FPS) even when setting it on lowest settings. But notice that this is not the fix to all Low FPS issues, since FPS drops can occur due to different problems.

    Possible low-FPS problems:

    Steam overlay:


    Some sources have showed that disabling Steam Overlay in games can boost your gaming by up to 20 fps. Whenever Steam Overlay is updated (Friends start games or become online, etc...), the game's speed decreases.

    CPU (Or GPU) Overheat:


    • Buy a new HIGH QUALITY cooler. (Such as Coolermaster Hyper EVO 212 or any water cooling system) <-- Most recommended solution
    • Re-apply your thermal paste. (High quality thermal pastes recommended) <-- Second most recommended solution
    • Increase CPU fan speed. (Either by a software or through the BIOS)
    • Use "cpufrequtils" software to control the governer. (Search on Google)
    • Turn off some CPU cores. (Through the BIOS)

    I was able to acheive a performance close to Windows performance in DotA 2, I got 60-70 FPS after cooling my CPU.

    AMD driver update:

    As of AMD Catalyst 14.12 driver, DotA 2's performance got doubled, so please update your AMD driver to the latest version for best performance.

    14.12 driver test results (AMD HD Radeon 7750 ULTRA SETTINGS):

    Minimum FPS: 42 (Old: 10)
    Maximum FPS: 71 (Old: 55)
    Average FPS: 50

    Please notice that I don't have the best system out there, in fact, I have a budget PC build:
    - Gentoo Linux
    -AMD FX-6300 Black-Edition
    -AMD HD Radeon 7750
    -4GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
    -WesternDigital Black 1TB
    -550W Power-Supply

    Please notice that these solutions might not work in some (If not many) cases.

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    For anyone owning an AMD GPU, please update your driver to the latest version (Currently 14.12) as there have been a significant performance boost (Almost double boost) in DotA 2 after using 14.12.

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    >gentoo is budget

    I have it working beautifully with gentoo with nothing more than steam ebuild from the steam overlay and nvidia-drivers ~amd64.

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