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Thread: Why did Valve create the "Gallery of Triumphs" instead of achievements ?

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    Question Why did Valve create the "Gallery of Triumphs" instead of achievements ?


    I feel that the Gallery is a bit redundant with the concept of achievements. As everyone know, there is no achievement related to Dota 2 yet in steam, but the system is widely used by other games. Moreover, the concept of trophies is very similar to achievements, so I think it is an error of design to create this new section (instead of using the steam feature).

    What I think Valve should do :
    - Turn every possible trophy into Achievements.
    - Validate achievements according with trophies already owned by players.
    - Create a section for achievements no longer obtainable, something like Legacy Achievements (similar to World of Warcraft), for achievements like Compendium levels, Fantasy Leagues, etc...
    - Remove the "Gallery of Triumphs" section and replace it with a easy to click icon to open achievements.

    Feel free to give feedback.

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    At this very moment there are several ways of tricking Steam Achievements. The Gallery of Triumphs was created so you can share your achievements with fellow Dota 2 players without any chance of cheating.

    Yeah, you can't add those trophies to your Steam profile, but they offer more flexibility than those achievements. For example: achievement for victory predictions has 3 stages of 3, 6 and 9. Achievements won't be able to show if you've done better than that.

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    I think main problem is that steam achievements don't support adding/removing/editing achievements for games afaik, other games have this problem as well when new content is added. I might be wrong tho, this may have changed.

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    eww what you get form having some virtual steam achievent somewhre if you link something you gf likes you more ?

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