I tried to create an item that increases a player's vision when held, only to find that there is a vision range limit of 1800 (the standard daytime vision radius). I understand that there are probably technical issues at work here (rumor has it, a recursion limit in the fog of war code), but such a tight limit is sure to be run up against consistently. It also renders the modifier MODIFIER_PROPERTY_BONUS_DAY_VISION rather useless.

There's also no easy way I know of for modders to get around this limitation, since dummy units present problems with seeing beyond treelines and such. Basically, I was just wondering how difficult it would be to allow for greater than 1800 vision.

The code for the item I'm trying to make is at http://www.hastebin.com/ulohujuqox.md. It works fine, except when encountering this limit. Thank you.