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Thread: Ban Rikimaru because of Permanent Invisibility

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    What spell interactions besides obvious bugs were changes specifically for AD?

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    i fail to understand how this has not been done yet. it is so gamebreaking as to be ludicrous

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    It's simple - valve doesn't care about this mode. I believe we shouldn't block heroes but fix the queue picking system instead. There will always be the most - op skill and most trolling combo in this mode.

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    gems, wards, dust, track ,amplify damage, silences,

    1. don't let them get aoe spells
    2. don't let them get spammy spells

    counter pick just like you do with hero in a normal game, if they can pick no spell that will help them farm you can shut them down before they begin.

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    The thing is, it's not just PI,every single invisibility coupled with just 1 goddamn stun is an overkill. Look at heroes with long lasting invisibilities(not counting ultimates):

    -Treant protector
    -Bounty Hunter etc.

    Notice any stuns? Notice any ranged? The fact is that invisibility heroes in normal games have some restrictions that denies them the ability to go around since f*cking level 2 and gank-rape every single hero on the map. They need some sort of buildup or they need to commit to other lanes to be effective. When you take a stun with invisibility, you just forced the entire enemy team to switch to defensive gaming. That's not a wasted spell slot, that's a slot that changes the majority of the game to their advantage.You wanted to farm? Oh no boy, it's sentries for you on every lane, every game. Sure, you can counter being death-spammed to oblivion by air molecules by taking all the spammy spells (yay!) but you want your team to take EVERY stun there is? With who the hell are you playing good sir?! Is your team the f*cking Na'Vi of AD?! PI just means that you can bypass enemy observer wards without any mana cost and just jumpscare any lane that doesn't have sentries.And there will be some, oh yes there will be some lane without sentries. Even if you are playing with LAN Power Rangers and they all get sentries on every lane, and deny the invisible hero the gold because he is standing there looking at trees, their team is getting farm, while your team is forced to spend 200 goldies for every lane each few minutes for the entire early-mid game.And this is just if a normal skilled player is playing. You say sentries counter me? I will own you if i get any stun with invisibility. I will wait in the bushes for the 3 minute mark to pass and blast you to oblivion.Oh, and i will also counter-ward your ass.Even with normal invisibility it's an issue, Pi is just a prime example of this problem because of how it functions.
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    then why arent u raging about pub riki with dagon?

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