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Thread: Replay Unavailable (Match ID: 929501530)

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    Unhappy Replay Unavailable (Match ID: 929501530)


    Many of you may say that Techies is one of the unfavorable picks up to date due to his softness and most people who select Techies does not know how to use him.

    Well at September 29, 2014. At 11:34:09 PM Local Time, I had the greatest match with Techies of all time.

    Techies is The Great Defender. The Game was really close, Early game, the Dire was winning with push until the Radiant(Including me) caught up. Unfortunately 1 of our teammate is absolute crap so we were almost done for it.

    Both Teams got only Towers defending their ancient left. We tried to push but we were all killed instantly. Just before we pushed and got killed, I rigged the whole radiant with Bombs in key positions and as I knew it, while waiting for respawn, I noticed that my buyback is available again, One of my teammates tried to stop them but he was heavily damaged because Luna, PA, and Sven were had BKB and killed 3 already so it's just me and the guy they're chasing. Then BOOM I just killed PA, Jugg, Luna with the first set of bombs I planted at bot, I went in as fast to stun Sven, plant 1 bomb and suicide to sven just to damage him enough because our top was already rigged with bombs but he was just too fat, Fortunately I damaged him enough to kill him. the 5th enemy which was bounty hunter was already killed by me from their previous push which was somehow successful.

    I wanted to post it on youtube but unfortunately the replay is unavailable. Please do something about this.

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    I also experience the same issue with replays being unavailable, and I am certain that it isn't only me.

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