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Thread: Cannot edit grid view or even select different grid files

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    Cannot edit grid view or even select different grid files

    A long time ago we could no longer edit the grid view, but a button still allowed us to load different grid files. Now it seems as though we are stuck with the grid we were last using and can no longer select different grid files or even go to the default grid. Furthermore, the current grid is misplaced, and moving/editing the files directly that were loaded in the first place has no impact.

    We need a fix for grid customization functionality, and we need it now. The functionality got worse and worse until finally it is non-existent. Please bring it back. We don't even have the button for editing the grid any more. Could we at least have some control over this situation when you remove things from the user interface? Perhaps you could add some console commands so that we could load up some grids of our own making. If you're going to change the x/y axis of the grid constantly, why don't you specify the new parameters? Stop making things difficult for your users, please.


    Well, now the problem is a bit more urgent for you to fix given that if you release another hero without fixing the problem, you will end up not being able to select one of the two newest heroes while using the hero selection grid.

    Here's a picture to show what I mean.

    If you're still confused, you can see the explanation "given the history of how icons have been added in the past, they have always been placed in that exact spot" as a caption to the picture.
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