It would be extremely convenient if there was a way to pass in a projectile's ID to a RunScript in a OnProjectileHitUnit event.

DestroyLinearProjectile() takes in the projectile's ID, but to my knowledge, the one time that ID can be found is upon the projectile's creation with CreateLinearProjectile(). Surely we don't have to store its ID upon creation, infer what that ID must be on hit, and use that information to delete the projectile with DestroyLinearProjectile()? I'm not even sure the ID can always be inferred with 100% accuracy.

I gather that the projectile will delete itself automatically based on either fDistance or fExpireTime. However, I'm trying to let the projectile pass through certain things (so I'm not using "DeleteOnHit" "1") and perform an effect before determining whether to delete itself. I'd rather not mess around with this inferring business if I can avoid it!