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Thread: Glow for hero icons

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    Glow for hero icons

    Glow is limited.

    As you can see, the glow is always green and red, even if the colors are supposed to be for example, orange and blue.

    As you can see in the series of screenshots, there is a pink Wind Ranger and a light blue Geomancer playing rock, paper, scissors. I was noticing the lane picking map has player coded glow colors on it, but we don't get that for the game's regular minimap. In fact, all we get is green and red for glows.

    I do not like bright red or bright green on my minimap, so I do not use the hero icons. If I could have glows identical to the colors(simple colors + hero icons is what I would massively prefer to have except the hero glow is limited so that is out of the window as a possibility for me) I chose for the units then I would have no qualms about using the hero icons.

    As it is, I use cones and exes player coded by color and I don't even like some of the player coded colors. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would select simple colors because then they would not be able to tell at a glance of the minimap which friendly and enemy heroes are where. As it is, I tend to only remain aware of enemy icons on the minimap, as memorizing the hero colors for 4 allies in addition to the 5 enemies is too difficult. I can be aware 1-3 allies are near my hero, but not which ones they are. This would be a different story if I could rely on hero icons. But I would never use them because the bright red and bright green would make my eyes exhausted too quickly.

    In the original game, not all heroes had hero glow, which was something that was on the unit model that allowed you to memorize their color on the minimap. Dota 2 has advanced quite well since you can mostly memorize the colors by looking at the top of the screen. However, many colors are very similar and it can be confusing as I may confuse orange for brown or brown for orange, and many others. Since it is easily established that some players do not like the default player colors, allowing us simple color hero icon glow should be very helpful, since the current functionality is simple color hero icon glow, but only green and red! So clearly, it is too limited in what it can do.

    Furthermore, it would make sense to enable player coded hero icon glow in the minimap for those people that want functionality to be similar to the lane picking map, even if most players would think it unnecessary. And on top of that, I would like to propose to allow each player to modify each player's color. So, players 1-5 on Radiant could for example be Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue. Then players 1-5 on Dire could for example be Green, Brown, White, Black, Grey. Obviously, more complex colors could be made, such as the colors being used for the players currently. Whatever the case, I think more control is called for.

    Not only all this, but we still don't have ability to change the coloring of health bars. There are only 2 configurations of health bar colors to choose from. You either get the green set with the red set, or the blue set with the slightly-darkened red set. I would like to ask for control in this area as well, but I believe I already made a thread about this. In short, we can't have orange/purple/yellow/whatever health bars.
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