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Thread: Suggestion : Sound bar for the kill-streak announcer volume

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    Suggestion : Sound bar for the kill-streak announcer volume

    I've suggested this before on the forums. I thought this was something that would eventually show up in the game, but seeing that it has not yet come to this, here I am once more.

    I would very much like a volume slider for ONLY the kill-streak announcer's voices. One of the things I miss the most from Wc3 Dota is the kill-streak announcer blasting through my speakers. Now it is more like a subtle sound in the background. It doesn't have that impact that it used to have. Before you tell me to take my nostalgia and shove it up my ass I want you to just think for a second and reflect over this suggestion.

    Why can't we have it?

    I would guess it literally takes 5 minutes to add something like this. I know there is more people out there who wants this, and it's been like two years since I last suggested it. We already have volume sliders to customize a lot of different types of sound, why not this?

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    1+ for kill-streak announcer and announcer

    is really annoying when tower is under attack , too much spam .

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