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Thread: Guide: Dota2 crashes? Low FPS? Take Six steps before posting another ignored thread

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    Lightbulb UPDATED GUIDE and D-OPTIMIZER autoexec.cfg v1.3

      Activate net_graph with extended-text or chart mode before making screenshots or videos to describe your fps/lag problem!
      Paste this at the very end of your autoexec.cfg (already included if you use my d-optimizer), then press DEL or write ng in the console to toggle presets:
      ////# AveYo's optimized net_graph preset with toggle between average-fps, extended-text mode and chart mode - now positioned above minimap
      alias "ng_preset" "net_graphtext 1;net_graphproportionalfont 0;net_graphshowlatency 1;net_graphshowinterp 0;net_graphshowsvframerate 0;net_graphholdsvframerate 0;net_graphsolid 1;net_graphheight 64;net_graphmsecs 200;net_scale 8092;net_graphpos 3;net_graphinsetbottom 128;net_graphinsettop 0;net_graphinsetleft 0;net_graphinsetright 0"
      alias "ng_off" "ng_preset;net_graph 0;alias ng ng_fps";
      alias "ng_fps" "ng_preset;net_graph 0;cl_showfps 4;dota_ping;ping;alias ng ng_text" //show average fps and writes results to dota\prof_dota.csv when switched
      alias "ng_text" "ng_preset;net_graphinsetright 2048;net_graph 4;cl_showfps 0;dota_ping;ping;alias ng ng_chart" //text mode with extra loss/choke monitoring
      alias "ng_chart" "ng_preset;net_graphshowinterp 1;net_graph 2;cl_showfps 0;dota_ping;ping;alias ng ng_off" //chart mode, slightly reduces fps
      ng_off //netgraph hidden by default
      bind "DEL" "ng" //or just write 'ng' in console to show/hide Netgraph optimized presets

      CHECK FPS by watching a downloaded replay or playing a local lobby.
      - Use the above net_graph average-fps mode to show average fps values. When switched, writes results to dota\prof_dota.csv, you should check it out.
      - If you have a weak system that can't touch 60fps with everything on low and <720p resolution, I suggest using fps_max 30. Since the netcode also runs at 30, the only disadvantage is the slight blocking animations, but you can still lh.
      - If you get to 60fps sometimes, but it's constantly into 20ish-40ish fps, you need to lower your Video Advanced Settings until you average 60fps. Disabling Weather global items is mandatory.
      - It's the new "normal" for Dota to dip into 20ish-40ish fps few times per game (minutes apart, and only for a few seconds). We can only hope the next engine will fix this.
      - If you return from alt-tab and the fps does not recover in reasonable time, disable auto limiting of fps when alt-tab with engine_no_focus_sleep 0. Note: I use 50 instead of 20 for maximum power savings without any issues.
      - Having Play sound in desktop option on (snd_mute_losefocus 0) might help with the drops, too.
      - Try to run in true fullscreen mode (launch option -fullscreen) - it provides better performance than borderless window and you don't loose brightness.

      Note: the most demanding settings are Anti-Aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, High Quality Water, Shadow Quality, Light Blooms and Additive Light.
      - For systems close to the edge of playability, having any Adobe Flash Player running in the background will drastically impact your FPS! If you can't offload this task to another device (phone, tablet, laptop), you could search for a HTML5 alternative. For twitch, use livestreamer with mpc-hc. Switching off Flash HW acceleration can work too, but with noticeable quality decrease.
      - Did I mention that my autoexec.cfg provides incredible useful graphics presets than can suit any system? Click the above image to see a visual gallery!

      Input delay official description. Updating that for the current tickrate of 30Hz with interpolation time of 66ms:
      Input delay you'd-wish! 60ms ping late-night 90ms ping peak-hours 160ms ping SEA region
      Average 126ms 156ms 226ms offline
      Worst 159ms 189ms 259ms ms
      - So now you know there is a built-in input delay, it will take some getting used to if you come from the FPS world

      CHECK PACKET LOSS on Create lobby (online lobby) with bots or a live game (less relevant)
      - Sadly, packet loss from either end, no matter how small, will render the game unplayable.
      - Watch net_graph in chart mode. If it looks like a jigsaw with red teeth, or the bottom yellow line is constantly fragmented, Valve's server is most likely having issues and you should try another region, or play later (EU West is better late in the night).
      - To rule out the problem being at your end, Install Java Runtime. Go to Take the test multiple times with locations close to dota region (ex: for Luxembourg, use Utrecht or Frankfurt).
      - If you get constant packet loss, day after day, you need to contact your ISP and tell them about that. It might be their fault, or it my be a faulty network device at your location.
      - Not much you can do about it, if it caught you during a game. Try increasing cl_interp up to 0.200, cl_smoothtime up to 0.2, set cl_smooth 1, and reconnect (retry in console).
      - Using lerp tweaks from other games like cs and tf2 will not work well for Dota 2. Let's say you force a cl_cmdrate 100 (it's max!) for your 100fps dota. What happens is that you send 3.3x more commands to the server with 70% of them being discarded! But which ones?! That's far from improving anything. And using the minimal lerp of 33ms seems fine with no packet loss, but it's suicide when the connection becomes unreliable!
      - The ICMP ping you get by checking public Valve servers will never match in-game actual ping, because first, you might check a decoy, not the actual server you are going to play on, and second, because ICMP measures the fastest response time with the least load on a protocol that does just that, not with actual game size load on the used udp real-time protocol. Every time you switch my net_graph preset, it will also show the ICMP ping in the upper right corner, but the relevant one remains the one reported by net_graph.
      - Keep in mind server performance and ping in general varies depending on the load. During weekends or day time, it's a lot worse than during evening/night. It's how the Internet works - just like a real highway.

    • First, run Library -> Dota 2 -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game cache...
    • Second, switch to single display mode and delete video.txt from ?\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg\
      (read more about "How to reset Dota 2 to defaults and start fresh" after the autoexec.cfg section above)
    • Using launch option -nod3d9ex will eventually crash/hang your game! No way around it! I strongly advise you to remove this and address your actual issue - bad gpu driver caugh! manufacturer caugh!
    • Using launch option -high can CTD your game - not completely random, using a taskmanager or the swh-killer might increase the occurrences (TODO: update gamefixer's generated shortcuts without this parameter)
    • Running Dota 2 as administrator while Steam is not will cause random crashes! I strongly advise you to re-enable UAC,
      fix Steam service: clone the Steam desktop shortcut and add the bold commands after target (C:\YourPathToSteam\Steam.exe -s +service_repair +service_restart) then run the new shortcut once,
      and remove compatibility options for both Steam.exe and Dota.exe
      (automated by Gamefixer)
    • Playing with in-game VSync ON will expose driver bugs. Disable it to prevent crashes.
    • OS & DRIVERS
      - A bugged network driver or "enhancement" software (infamous Killer NIC, VPNs, GPU bundles like quickstream or netservice...etc) can cause crashes. Try another version / remove software. (gamefixer script will fix some of these)
      For Bigfoot Killer LAN adapters, you should uninstall Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager, reboot and install just the driver without the software suite (current adaptors or discontinued Attachment 30619).
      If you can't get rid of it, open Killer Network Manager from the system tray and click Applications, untick "Show running only", and change priority from high/very high to normal (value 3) for steam.exe and dota.exe then click Network and untick "Qualcomm Atheros Bandwidth Control".
      - Use Display Driver Uninstaller to cleanup old driver versions before reinstalling.
      - Always choose clean installation and only select Driver and Physics options (no game experience, streaming, virtual audio, and other useless shit). Do the same for AMD's bundled stuff like quickstream and Raptr. Because having NVIDIA's 3D Vision or AMD's Raptr installed can cause random crashes!
      - NVIDIA users should set Maximum pre-rendered frames 4 and Threaded optimization Off in the Control Panel (just for Dota 2 or in Global preset).
      - Adjust pc power management profile to high performance and edit advanced settings accordantly
      - Rerun directx setup from SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010.
      - Use Aero mode if available with transparency set to off in Window Color and Appearance
      Make sure you are not running Dota 2 on your onboard Intel/AMD GPU instead of your more powerful, dedicated GPU.
      - Disable the onboard GPU or set gfx switching to advanced mode, if available under BIOS settings
      - Intel control panel -> 3D preference = Performance ; Application Optimal Mode = Unchecked and Power Plan = Maximum Performance
      - AMD control panel -> PowerPlay Plugged In/Battery = Maximum Performance and 3D Application Settings = (Optimal) Performance. If you have a Switchable Graphics tab, find Dota.exe and set it to High Performance.
      - NVIDIA control panel -> Adjust Image Settings with Preview = Use my preference emphasizing: Performance and Manage 3D Settings = High-performance NVIDIA processor for both Global Settings and Dota 2 (dota.exe) Program Settings
      - After these changes, YOU ARE REQUIRED to redo the second step (deleting video.txt).
      - Oficial list of Programs Which May Interfere with Steam Add to that most software with OSD capability like Razer & Logitech tools, Evolve, Mumble, GPUTweak and don't even try stuff like Game Booster
      - Half-Life DJ. Have you heard about Steam's Music? Uninstall HLDJ and remove it's scripts from cfg folder and it's exec line in autoexec.cfg.
      - Check for 100% cpu usage because of concurrent software running while you play: spyware, folding tools, bad antivirus like avg or mse (remove and use avira)
      - Don't use multi-process architecture browsers, it's enough that Steam use it, you don't want your system resources depleted by Chrome, Spotify etc. The best feature rich browser that do not interfere with games is Firefox!
      - Disable hardware acceleration for all the internet browsers and for Steam - it's really needed just for the adobe flash plugin and media players.
      - Check for focus stealing applications with Window Focus Logger and kill those misbehaving before playing (sadly some vpn software that you might need behaves like this).
    • STEAM
      - If Steam does not load / unable to connect when reports Steam is Up, delete one by one the following files and try again:

      If above did not work, delete everything except SteamApps folder and Steam.exe
      - Steam settings:
      Disable Steam Friends notifications When any Friend joins a game and When any Friend comes online, Steam In-Game Overlay and FPS Counter, Interface DirectWrite and Hardware video decoding, Cloud services and Downloads during gameplay (and in Library-Dota-Updates Only update this game when I launch it).
    • Check TaskManager while running Dota. If you see lots of steamwebhelper.exe with hundreds of MB usage and/or high cpu usage when you are not even browsing steam interface, you need:
      - Workaround for steamwebhelper minions taking over PC - Killer v2.0rc with 4 minutes auto kill
      - It's OPTIONAL if steamwebhelper's behave, REQUIRED if it leaks memory and cpu usage.
    • GAME-BREAKING COSMETICS causing crashes on map load and hero picking / missing resources errors (sounds, models) in the console:
      - The fastest way to determine if it's something in your inventory causing troubles, is to launch Steam and Dota 2 in offline mode.
      - Remove all local -override_vpk mods (custom sounds, models, effects). Included in this script.
      - Unequip all huds, loading screens, global weather and multikill badges. Hero items, wards and couriers don't usually cause problems, except hq and new items with particles and custom sounds. Unequip those first.
      - As an alternative, install dota2nohats mod just for troubleshooting. You might end up liking the +fps about it. Always check for a new version! GOOD NEWS: Dota 2 NoHats can now be used with -enable_addons

      You still crash after following this guide?
      Provide crash-dumps or it did not happen! (get last dota_XXX_*.mdmp in your dota folder - where dota.exe is - archive it and upload it somewhere and post the link)
      You can force the game to crash and generate the above crash-dump by entering these two commands in the console: sv_cheats 1 then crash
      Grab your relevant system info using the helper script list_my_programs.bat on pastebin or zipped here:
      then submit Desktop\List_my_programs.txt and Open Hardware Monitor (File-Save Monitoring data) with dota open/just after a crash.
      If it's a network issue, provide additional info like:
      - screen capture with netgraph visible
      - date, time, timezone it happened. Example: Nov21, 19:00, UTC+2
      - server region used. Example: Europe West
      - server details. Example: status in console: [I]hostname: Valve Dota 2 EU East Server (srcds012.192.68) udp/ip :
      - icmp ping to selected region. Example: Europe region has servers in Austria, Luxembourg and Sweden. Verify internet connectivity by pinging some reliable at,lu,se servers, not Valve's.If you get lots of request timed out and high ms number, don't expect Valve's servers to do better since game udp traffic should be affected more (ping -n 10 or

      AUTOEXEC.CFG - set advanced options not available in the GUI settings
      If you are unfamiliar with cfg files, or don't want any predefined binds and the OSD, Get Tweaks-only autoexec.cfg: view code or direct download
      Get Full feature autoexec.cfg: view code or direct download

      The right name is autoexec.cfg! Check it's like that and not autoexec.cfg.txt (show file extensions in explorer)
      As long as you place it in ?\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg\ it should work.
      In case it's not auto-executed, add Steam -> Library -> Dota 2 -> Properties -> SET LAUNCH OPTIONS... +exec autoexec
      Leave config.cfg file alone, it's auto-generated by the game and should NEVER be edited by hand.
         _______               ______    ______    ________   __   ___  ___   __   ________   _______   ______  
        |       \             /  __  \  |   _  \  |        | |  | |   \/   | |  | |       /  |   ____| |   _  \ 
        |  .--.  |  _______  |  |  |  | |  |_)  | '--|  |--' |  | |  \  /  | |  | '---/  /   |  |__    |  |_)  |
        |  |  |  | |AveYo's| |  |  |  | |   ___/     |  |    |  | |  |\/|  | |  |    /  /    |   __|   |      / 
        |  '--'  | ````````` |  '--'  | |  |         |  |    |  | |  |  |  | |  |   /  /---. |  |____  |  |\  \ 
        |_______/             \______/  |__|         |__|    |__| |__|  |__| |__|  /_______| |_______| |__| \__\
                                                                                                   Version 1.3
       Extended commands:  EE - Reload autoexec.cfg       ' BG - Bots Game (LOCAL)  ' HG - Host Game (LAN)
                           FF - ForFeit (disconnect)      ' JR - Join Radiant (LAN) ' JD - Join Dire (LAN)
                           NG - Net Graph presets {DEL}   ' AA - Auto Attack {CAPS} ' QC - QuickCast {INS}
                           NQ - Network quality Low/High  ' DN - Right-click Deny   ' HP - HP bar marker {H}
                           CW - Chatwheel presets {ENTER} ' Camera presets {KP_1-9} ' Chat moved to {KP_DEL}
       Abilities {QWEDF-R} set to NormalCast. Press {INS} to toggle QuickCast ALL,NOT:Q,NOT:W,NOT:E,SMART,NONE
       Items {1}{2} set to QuickCast(nodelay), Items {3}{4} set to SmartCast, Items {5}{6} set to NormalCast
             Remember to set the above keys to ALT+KEY in the GUI so that the script can override them!
       Default Graphics preset: TWEAKED              Available Graphics presets: BLING TWEAKED NOSHADOWS POTATO
      D-OPTIMIZER is more or less a complete reference to Dota 2 CFG, compiled and tested by me, not a cheap tf2 copy-pasterino.
      Configured for maximum performance, but still looks decent since I'm not sacrificing basic visual quality (no quake1 graphics!) Change default preset in the last line of the script.
      The full feature version requires some default hotkeys in GUI (QWEDFR, 123456, P, Enter) to be replaced by ALT+KEY so that the script can override them
      [You can find my dotakeys_personal.lst in the onedrive folder, just copy it over your own in the dota\cfg\ or ?\Steam\userdata\youruseridnumber\570\remote\cfg\ folders]
      For a list of features, standalone code snippets and a how-to for my Awesome On-Screen-Display for toggles, access SteamCommunity Dota 2 Guides!

      - revised graphics presets, added BLING=highest quality, TWEAKED is now default
      - revised game end tweaks; added some settings missing from GUI
      - added health per vertical marker toggle
      - fixed visual glitch (green lines over model) with Additive Light disabled
      - added right-click deny toggle
      - relayout for easier snip - aliases and binds are in the same place
      - qc_toggle reverted to normal/quickcast but added qc-smart as an option
      - default casting type for items changed
      Reason behind removing SmartCast as default is detailed in the file, but I'll mirror it here:
      * It's a hackish way of emulating QuickCast without it's main disadvantage of not working with "Double Tap to Self Cast" or blocking level up skills, while also providing auto-queue without shift (how it should have been from the get-go, Valve!)
      * It can introduce it's own bugs, like random jumping targets or accidentally selecting units under mouse cursor in the heat of the battle, and it also screws with "Double Tap to Self Cast" for town portal scroll or BoT by sending you to the nearest target instead of the fountain
      - added camera lock settings and a default bind {L} to toggle it
      - restored single-tap {SPACE} to follow hero without camera lock - edge pan cancels it
      - fixed the few incorrect [default_value] comments

      How to reset Dota 2 to defaults and start fresh:
      - delete/rename autoexec.cfg config.cfg video.txt from ?\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg\
      - delete/rename config.cfg from ?\Steam\userdata\youruseridnumber\570\remote\cfg\
      - GUI keys can be reset in the menu, or by deleting dotakeys_personal.lst from the above folders
    Last edited by aveyo; 04-24-2015 at 04:20 PM. Reason: autoexec.cfg v1.3 / GameFixer section removed for pressing ceremonial reasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasian48 View Post
    I had uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers before, but I did it again and also turned off IGP and it seems to be working now.

    Thanks again!
    Quote Originally Posted by crimzongryphon View Post
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by sooth View Post
    I'll do what you say and update with results.

    UPDATE: Everything working perfectly so far, Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by LiveTree View Post
    Ok, managed to solve the problem! Thanks to Aveyo for the clue on the loading screen.
    Quote Originally Posted by yg78 View Post
    Turns out my problems went away when I switched to fullscreen mode in case anyone has this problem in the future! Thanks for your help aveyo
    Quote Originally Posted by vlakipn View Post
    i saw late gamefixer.bat, which is in your sig. That did fix it.
    Quote Originally Posted by drnoII
    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo
    Try my just released batch file / updated guide chances are it's gonna help you
    Thank you so much man its working again )
    that plague lastet for almost a month now..ty so much!
    Quote Originally Posted by Neonflake View Post
    It worked.
    Quote Originally Posted by qweriz View Post
    Thanks, the script worked
    Quote Originally Posted by shaNk View Post
    You did it! Fixed it! Thank you so much! Never thought that the network card software would case a crash to desktop, I would assume lag issues instead so that was so uncalled for, today I learned.
    Quote Originally Posted by Takomancer View Post
    it's eating up at least 600mb if I even dare browsing the dota 2 library or shift+tab to talk to a friend.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raz1911 View Post
    im just using -nod3d9ex parameter no other setting like "Borderless Window", "4th : Steam Settings" etc its working fine
    thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by SirMagus View Post
    Update: It does work as long as I remove all of the special items from the player loadout, although the hero items still seem to work
    Quote Originally Posted by Gfx View Post
    aveyo thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by navenassh View Post
    So I updated my drivers even tho its just a qualcom atheros arb58 or whatever and it worked....
    Quote Originally Posted by danven View Post
    Thanks a million!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid_Dragon View Post
    Thanks! It works!
    This thread can be closed
    S T I C K Y

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    it workied for me also thread
    thank you

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    Do you have any idea how can I have 300+ms lagspikes on a 75Mb connection, while my roommates watches youtube? I'm 100% sure that I have no unknown background apps running while playing the game. I checked the roommates PC, he doesn't have anything either,cept Viber (desktop version) for calls and messages and whatnot. This has been getting on my nerves lately,cause the moment he goes on youtube, it has consequences on the game

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    Fikky - looks like a QOS thing. A. Rooter does not like you. B. Somebody has a Killer Network card. D. Somebody has AMD Quickstream E. Power management for your pc is fucked up.


    I've sent PM's to many people because I've finally updated this, so retry my instructions and leave F E E D B A C K

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    it workied for me also thread
    Thank U sooo much

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    Thank's bro.. It's working..

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