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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    -Improve texture quality around areas like his mouth / abs
    -Keep basic shape of Void but improve key areas like his head - Post #70 as an example

    I also agree with post #11

    Focus all other efforts on Viper and surprise the community.

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    so we got void remodel before zeus viper and slardar, more than half compendium owner are school grader?
    if it was a close call between them valve need to remodel both

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    The Mouth. If he is called faceless he should have none.

    The Maze. Its weird. It looks more like a sceptre or a staff and it would make more sence if it looked more like hammer.

    The shape of the face. Its to weird. It resambles a hammer shark waaay to much. Tbh, whenever I see his face and his scepter-ish weapon the first thing I think is "is he bashing with his head?"

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    The first gripe i have about his are those legs, I think it is rather silly to make him have goat legs.

    Design wise, he is rather bland and generic. He is a being of time itself, so why is he just another purple alien thing? Also, why is he so buff? Like basically all male characters?

    I think he could be a tall, slender human, lacking ALL facial features (yes, I know that describes slender man as well). You could also throw in some cloths on him like with death prophet, have them sway and move when he does. And maybe attach some light blue particle effects to move around and him sporadically; pausing for a moment every time he stuns or is in chrono, and going reverse every time he backtracks.

    Edit: the reddit hug of death is real.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Stover View Post
    I don't like his face.
    This would be my number one complaint as well.

    Other people mention hooves and hands but I haven't really noticed them when playing(I almost never played him because of how ugly he looks myself though), but now that you mention it, im all for changing it and making him look more humanoid - or at least the hooves, if the new idea for the model is to make him have a more lovecraftian appeareance.

    If theres something else I would change, it would probably have to be his skin color. Make it more blue like his WC3 counterapart.

    That aside, I definitely agree in making him look more lovecraftian-esque, like in this suggestion here, as that's how he looked like in the Warcraft 3 DotA anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by Unleash_ View Post
    Give him more of a Lovecraft look. More Eldritch Abomination and less Saturday morning cartoon monster of the week.
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    I would love to see his head kind of empty (like Perceptions of the Eternal Mind), but instead of a green ember, maybe a miniature galaxy.

    Now that is a real Faceless Void.

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    Void is really fine model, Viper on the other hand is quite ugly and badly needs remodel

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    Also i should add that you can make an Arcana for Void, and do what you just did for SF.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix. View Post
    2013: 10 heroes, 3 reworks, 4 events, hats, 1 arcana and TI
    2014: 4 heroes, 2 events, 2 arcanas, hats, 1 rework and TI.
    Lazyness. Not to mention the lack of bugfixes, and the amount of new ones with each new content added

    Credits to Phoenix.

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    I have no idea how he won that vote.

    His model is completely fine compared to the other contestants.

    Maybe it was because of his popularity.

    But if you absolutely have to do it, then just give him updated textures.
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    Head: I would like to make his face "blurry" and more mysterious. The shape of the head is good.
    Arms: Make his arms longer than normal, almost so he can touch his knees without bending over.
    Body: Less fat and more ripped, maybe taller or "stretched out" .
    Legs: I like the opposite bend of the legs, but something else than hoofs would be nice.

    Almost like the model of The Deceiver from the game Nosgoth!

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