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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    i agree yall should make him more intimidating and perhaps give his model some more detail? i know it will be a pain what with all the cosmetics he has but yall did a great job with Shadow fiend so i know it can be amazing

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    you are looking at this the wrong way. people voted for him because he is one of their favorite carries, not because they dislike the model.

    Your approach should just be introducing something different, unique compare to the based model. The base model is fine at it is.

    Brain storm:

    Keyword: faceless, time, chrono, void
    expanding: no head, no eye+nose+mouth+ears, masked
    clock, sand clock, sand, relativity with movement,
    Space, nothingness,

    My suggestion: take slender man, he is masked thus faceless. Dig a hole through his chest(similar to Bleach) and put a sand clock in the middle floating and constantly changing(except in chrono). Weapon could be the clock hands, arcana is dual wielding -> tri wielding. The hero move by "surfing" on sand.

    Cant touch this :-j

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    Here's an idea: on Void's new model there is a black slit running vertically down his chest. When he backtracks, it opens up wide and sucks in whatever projectile or effect was going to affect him.

    If you look inside you can see The Universe.

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    I really like Void's face and the general theme behind the hero. I really dislike his color palette, his wardrobe, weapons, and cosmetics. The bright green is awful, the weird crystals, and ugly pointless maces, and face wraps and stuff like that look awful. The purple is an okay color for the hero's skin, but maybe should be slightly different hue and a bit darker, more detailed and textured. I think he should be a more serious and foreboding hero, rather than a slightly comical, slightly ripped bright green and purple jump man. Shadow Fiend remodel is a good example of keeping the theme and personality of the hero but making him much more menacing, detailed, and serious looking. Maybe the effects and other things can play on the idea of warping space time? I welcome a more awesome void, because I feel like Viper and Slardar absolutely need a remodel regardless. And for God's sake please don't just add fire to him and call it an Arcana...

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    Faceless void should look like an entity ,not a human with muscles or something like that. It will be better if he is a creature , or an entity. Something a little scary maybe..
    An entity who controls time.. it should be not too badass.

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    I don't think so SF is a good example ... it looks like dire tower.

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    I think a design with a lot of holes and gaps would be cool, maybe even some glibber parts, like Rubick has them. I'd connect that to the time and its manipulation somehow. So basically you have a quite bulky (I'd love to have Void be a little bigger with broader shoulders) entity, very purple, with appearing and disappearing gaps in his body, some parts becoming transparent from time to time. The lower body could end in antenas, his face maybe be non-existant except for feelers where humanoids have a mouth (in the direction of the Davy Jones cosmetic we already have) but there's not an actual mouth beneath it, just an appearing gap when he talks. No eyes, but maybe a darker shade, gear- or pointer-shaped.
    His body could be based on an hourglass, too. Bulky top, slender hips, getting broader at his bottom again. There could be constant movement between the upper and lower part of the hourglass, to represent him manipulating time.
    His arms should be long tentacles that develop sensors all the time when he's moving and he grasps his weapon (I think a hammer is fine) is simply attached to four or five antenas he built to hold it up on his longer tentacle/antena that is basically his arm.

    I wish I could draw, writing it down doesn't quite cut it.

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    If you're going to change Void, might as well change Viper and even Zeus too. As for what you can do to void, you can try to make him look more like his Warcraft 3 faceless counter part.

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    I'm mostly looking forward to getting a better Chronosphere, really. I hope the rework brings a new epic chronosphere (in my mind it'd be a really cool endless effect like staring into nothing and everything still moves a bit, just something really cool)

    He could also do with a bit darker color scheme, still purple but a bit more dark.

    As someone here mentioned the "void" should be seen somewhere in his model. Maybe some kind of empty galaxy styled thing thats there instead of his eyes? (no idea how that would fit lore wise)

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    Make him look creepy and intimidating, like something out of a Resident Hill game or Lovecraftian, right now he looks like a goofy mouthbreathing sharkman. If you want to keep the mouth and the general look the same then maybe something like this would look better :
    I agree some other hero shoulda won though.
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