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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    Something like the Lurker from Skyrim would make Void look terrifying instead of clowny and still have a similar shape as before so his cosmetics can work afterwards.

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    I think the big problem with Void is his curviness, I've attached an illustration of what I mean. It gives him this odd lanky look to him which reminds me more of Jar Jar Binks than some sort of fiend that wants to beat your head in. He probably needs to be stockier and have squarer shoulders.
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    It's no where near that simple. On reddit when the reactions were all violently coming out, there was an actual thread asking "Okay, what is wrong with Facless Void's model and why did you vote for him?"

    Do you want to know what the majority response was? Generally it was this:

    "There's nothing bad with him, he's my favorite among the choices and I don't play boring right click Viper."

    So the entire point of the vote was missed by the majority of people, only a few of which we actually pulled a response out of by asking a ton on reddit.

    So the point I'm stating here is: People didn't vote on the hero who had an appearance they were reacting negatively to. On the contrary, people voted on the hero who had a generally positive appearance. That's how Anti-Mage beat Zeus in the early stages of the vote as well.

    While reddit and pro gamers are very vocal about their dislikes on certain hero models, the vast majority who voted (non reddit users and the like) voted for their favorites with the mentality: "Oh he looks great, let's make him look greater!" rather than voting to fix 'ugly' heroes, who were mostly ignored in the vote.

    The entire thing is really messed up, and now you guys at Valve are going to have to remodel a hero who literally no one has a problem with and in general had 0 negative reaction.

    I understand why you guys feel stuck as well, grasping for ways to improve Void's model in a satisfactory way.

    Now that I think of it, perhaps you guys could release some concept art (people love seeing those drawings) for the new Void, and gather a poll. This is not the same as a vote. You could simply gain information on what players would want the most, but decide internally which qualities or changes were the most well received among the concept arts you decide to use for the poll. After that, you make the model accordingly using elements from the highest voted concepts. That way you can deliver a product everyone is happy with, and it eliminates a lot of the guess work.

    While I'm on the subject, take this as an oportunity to make him appear more "time" themed. A purple humanoid isn't really much. It is mostly expressed through his items, but take it away and you're left with a humanoid with no timelike qualities, only a face that looks like a metronome. Make him fit the name "Darkterror" since you already have the facelessness taken care of. He just isn't scary. Make him even more like Bane and really bring out the lovecraftian horror he should be.
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    he should have more body features like dark terror not a normal person body

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    Well it's a bit irconical because to me the matter is this weird axe shaped face, akward for Faceless Void. I loved the tentacular style of DotA maybe also change the color to make it a really deep dark purple. For the rest the model is nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larwood View Post
    I think the big problem with Void is his curviness, I've attached an illustration of what I mean. It gives him this odd lanky look to him which reminds me more of Jar Jar Binks than some sort of fiend that wants to beat your head in. He probably needs to be stockier and have squarer shoulders.
    Stupid sexy void...

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    All I can say is that I think his model should be more terrifying.

    The name Faceless Void makes me think of something unsettling. Right now Void is a purple hammerhead-satyr. I think you should try to make a model where you see that it doesn't have a face and it is jarring. Like: Woah, where is its face? This thing is creepy and weird and probably comes from another dimension. Try to recapture the Cthulu-esque horror without copying the Tentacle man style, and lean on the fact that this is a thing where you would expect to see a face but it doesn't have one, and that's frightening.

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    As everyone has said, the current void model is excellent as is. However, if you're really devoted to changing him, here's my idea:

    He's supposed to be a faceless void, right? well, the current iteration covers 'faceless' pretty well, but not really 'void'. Since he comes from a realm outside time, how does he react to time? What if his appearance is constantly shifting, never really able to be pinned down in a solid form. He would still likely be humanoid, but sort of vague and wispy, and constantly shifting. maybe he has hooves for a second, and then human legs, and then tentacles, and on and on. And then, when time stops (when he's within a chronosphere), his appearance solidifies into his current form. He may also need a color change to help differentiate him from spectre, perhaps just a swap so he'd be green with purple accents might work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J2Krauser View Post
    Nothing needs to be changed, to be completely honest. I don't even understand how could he win.
    QFT. Void is perfect in every way possible. Matter of fact, bring back the old shadow fiend while you are at it. His new vagina face is unbearable.

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    I personally think Faceless Void is perfectly fine, his model seems to me spot on.

    I don't understand how these votes came together. Seriously, Slardar is an overdue. Viper maybe can be count into that too. Maybe just a more detailed, updated model?

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