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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    Headless void

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zimek View Post
    As everyone has said, the current void model is excellent as is. However, if you're really devoted to changing him, here's my idea:

    He's supposed to be a faceless void, right? well, the current iteration covers 'faceless' pretty well, but not really 'void'. Since he comes from a realm outside time, how does he react to time? What if his appearance is constantly shifting, never really able to be pinned down in a solid form. He would still likely be humanoid, but sort of vague and wispy, and constantly shifting. maybe he has hooves for a second, and then human legs, and then tentacles, and on and on. And then, when time stops (when he's within a chronosphere), his appearance solidifies into his current form. He may also need a color change to help differentiate him from spectre, perhaps just a swap so he'd be green with purple accents might work.
    I really like this. Less faceless, more formless. I don't think it's necessary to change his color scheme, just to give him a distinct visual effect to his "shifting", make it a flash of the sort of Clazureme energy contained within his mace maybe?

    I think for the forms he could shift between past, present, and future forms of himself. His Past form could be something similar to what he is now, while his present form could be more matured, and perhaps sort of crumbling apart, and his future form could be skeletal or ghostlike. This could really show how he has no proper time, and is all forms of himself at once.

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    There are other heroes who need a model remake way more than void. Now that he is getting changed please don't go for a plane and boring model like a lot of the current dota2 heroes, make him look scary/shady and badass

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    IMHO his coulour and mouth-hammer head are key things that need no change at all, those 3 make what Void is, and besides... alot of good artwork was spent around that from the community side so if you'd change those it would mess up alot of things. You can touch on everything except those 3 things.
    Edit: Why are people going off topic and making jokes all the way through when Valve actually asked for feedback during the process of something, that hasn't been done in a loooong time. Please don't make them regret communicating with us atleast.

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    Void's current model is completely out of alignment with the concept of the hero. He is supposed to be this kind of mysterious and terryfying(even his name is Darkterror) being that happens to have powers great enough to manipulate time yet his model displays a purple guy with a body that looks too much like a human and that whacks people with a mace.]
    His model does not look nearly as badass as implied in his backstory and the color scheme is also a bit disappointing in my opinion.

    An example of a hero model that portrays accurately the backstory of the character would be Undying. You hear his voice, see how he moves and just look at his eyes and you know that he's lost it a very long time ago. The voice of the hero also plays a great role.

    Void in his current model+voice just does not persuade me as a guy that can rip a hole in spacetime and he definitely is not as scary/mysterious as he should be.

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    I want to see Void without a well defined head similar to enigma or abadon. The fact that he has a rigid somewhat humanoid head bothers me when he is some alien.

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    I don't like that he looks just like a balloon animal as he has a pretty boring and old model.

    He needs to look more scary, like give him some boney look, sharper teeth or tentacles, just like the aliens; not a space goat, like it's now. Make him more of a monster.
    Also you might make the remodel a free Arcana or other cosmetic item for everyone so you could keep all the other cosmetics for him.
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    I'm not really sure what most people actually dislike about the model but for me it's how he doesn't use his left hand for anything. So therefore I'd suggest giving him a two handed weapon instead or maybe using both hands to swing his weapon (like how Jugg holds his sword single hand but swing with two). I don't have better ideas but I'd like his left hand to have a purpose when he's fighting.

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    I think the consensus is to make him more alien-looking. Personally, I'd love to see him become more Warcraft 3-like, with his face, feet and left hand becoming tentacles (maybe even the right one as well if you manage to make the mace fit)
    For reference:
    You could even make it so his body morphs when time walking, kind of like how morphling does it.

    Or, you can just say fuck it and rework Slardar instead. Or how about Legion Commander? He's supposed to be Garithos. I'd pay for that.

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    Well I do like the "Do you even Lift?" Bodytype Void has so don't make him fat or anything. Possibly a more defined mid section.

    I guess I'm not a fan of the Feet.

    Other than that, I see nothing wrong with Void. I voted for Slardar who REALLY needed the "Do You even Lift?" rework.

    The people that voted Void are on drugs.

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