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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    Aug 2012
    I don't like his hand and legs. They are too unrealistic and caricature. Look at the images. I highlighted the areas that need improvement:

    Legs are too crooked after knees. The hooves don't look fit on him. I would rather have some thing more human like.

    Arms also have only 3 fingers making the character look cartoonish.

    Also textures quality need general improvement.

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    A nice texture update, and that's about it.

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    I would agree with removing the hooves, I mean would you really transverse a timeless void with hooves (fins actually make more sense, but no fins pls).
    I guess give him some features that might signify how "timeless" he actually is besides just the lack of eyes and nose (face).

    Leave the arms and chest, maybe just rework the back, head, lowerbody, and hands as igo said (maybe upper arms too).

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    Artemis is right. They need to remove his hooves. I agree with you on the hands too.

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    i think he should be more ripped

    the face should be more closer to dota 1 he should have eyes but not a mouth

    would like to see a spiked armor

    and while we're on it if you could make medusa sexy
    and bristleback a pig
    give razor a mace not a girly whip
    make SF more flexable
    give elder titan an axe
    bring back skeleton king
    make sand king a scorpion
    giff LC a dick and a horse
    add third teachie not some prop that only moves its legs
    make heroes attack with their weapons not their fists (Necrolite, Shaker, Alchemist)
    and some heroes need full remake (Bara, Riki, bloodseeker, Enchantress, Mappo, Lich)
    Minecraft >>> dota 2

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    it boggles my mind that void even got that far over the handful of heroes that actually need a remake. i feel hes perfect the way he is. i really cant think of what i would like changed on him
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    Why make this in misc u get these nerds who barely play dota!


    I like his upper body, maybe work on the legs and his head more ethereal and morphy. Something that is having trouble forming. Maybe more designs on the body with symbols relating to time.

    Oh its on reddit too!!!!!!

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    God damn it guys. You should have just said it was Viper and give him new textures. Was that so hard?

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    He's one of the best character designs in the game with a striking colour scheme, unmistakable head shape and those creepy teeth. I'm not surprised that you have no idea what to do with him. I guess you could make the textures more detailed.

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    Dhabih, we need Slardar/Zeus/Viper model rework more than void, he looks okayish but is outdated... lots of heroes need some texture updates.

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