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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    On the subject of his body, I hope that you guys make his features of his back like his spine and marking stand out more since that's where you're looking most of the time, and try to make his front less human-like by putting something like a visible hole in his chest with some sort of object or unearthly materials inside of it. The idea mentioned before of him holding a small chronosphere in his other hand could possibly be altered to have the small chronosphere inside of his chest to make him look more alien-like and make his animation where his opens his body wide upon using the chrono make more sense.

    I also liked the idea of him transforming into a more mutated or enigmatic creature while in chrono. He could have a regular, more tame faceless look while out of chrono, then transforms into that tentacle creature people remember from the original Dota (or something completely unique) once he walks into it, just like how Night Stlaker instantly transforms when it turns night. The best example of a more intimidating transformation though would probably be with Slark while he's using his ultimate and turns into some big shadowy cloud. Void turning into some translucent/dark ethereal creature with a scary model while inside of his ultimate would make chrono more cool and fit his name of "Darkterror" much more.

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    The good part of current FV is that his weapon has cool visual effects. The bad part is his head and mouth are totally fugly xD

    I'd suggest if you are serious with "Faceless" then just give him a cool head without a face. Maybe give him some sort of mask like Juggernaut with form that represent a cool badass face, but don't give it eyes, nose, or mouth.

    Or if you're open about the "Faceless" then you can change his name into "Timeless Void" because it should make more sense about his time-based nature. You have changed many hero names afterall.

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    Please make him look like Shadow Fiend

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    Hi. Faceless void is without a doubt my favourite hero in the game. I've played him more than 300 times and the only item ive bought in the Steam market is his Battlefury. I've actually raised my mmr from 3k to 4.7k just by playing him. I think that the look of his head and body is just fine. The only thing that I reckon could make him look better would be to change his skin. I think that having the plain purple on him does not make him seem "timeless" enough. For example, if we were to replace faceless void's purple skin with Enigma's glowy skin with its effects... that would insinuate a more "timeless" look for the hero. In conclusion, I think you guys did an amazing job with his head (the dope shark fin) and body.. and only the skin should be reworked to help signify even clearer what he really is... a hero that controls time.

    Also, I love the previous ideas about him having a small chronosphere in one hand, and the idea of him transforming into something much stronger and scarier whenever he's in his strongest position (inside the chronosphere).

    I really hope what I've said will be taken into consideration, because I love the hero so much and I am extremely excited to see him look even cooler in his new model.
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    Please DON'T "make him like XXX hero". He must have hiw own style, and anyone who asks faceless void to look like another hero just don't get the point at all. we don't want remake of already existant.
    Saying this as one of the numerous people who voted for FV to remake.

    I'd like to see a Void without nose, eyes, or mouth. When i say without these, i mean without a really clear definition of these human attributes. But he may have a vague form representing them (i think about you know creepy masks used by killers in many fictions / or games..)

    For the body i would see something that is more blurry, not a clean and sharp surface like this HORRIBLE bright purplr we have right now. Purple may not be the solution here : You can see that because of this color people try to compare him with bane or SF, or w/e...
    I strongly recommend a deep, mysterious blue, like a "changing marine blue".

    For the arms i would see rather average sizes, no clue on the general aspects.

    For the hands, i'd say some skinny long hands with sharp claws. Maybe NOT 5 fingers, but 3 or 4.

    For the feet, why not some hoof ? Or special hoofs not to horse like. i'm pretty vague on this because not precise idea.

    For the legs, same as arms.

    for the back i would like a really cool aspect here. Not a simple human-like back.
    He is a being from time, who can travel through it. He must be a badass who saw so many things, and be mysterious.

    Thanks for reading.

    (For people complaining, why don't you just post " i personnaly don't think he should be remodeled, so my advice is : make him the closest to the previous one. ")

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    Hello. I really like the current model faceless Void, I voted for the viper, if I'm not mistaken. But the community has chosen the Void. This is one of my favorite characters, I played it more than 100 games. I believe that void must be like "universal barbarian" - creature who is terrifying no tentacles or horns, but* its very grim essence. In few - void must be REAL BADASS DARK BARBARIAN , with strong face and big hero model , like axe. Purple, "flexible", a short man with hooves - is bewildering. I drew "face" for this character, something between a balanar and terrrrrrorblade , and attached image of the barbarian , look like it should be.
    P/S sorry for my perfect english DD Attachment 27399 Attachment 27400
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    Quote Originally Posted by ke1nelust View Post
    I would like to see the void with the usual weapon in one hand, and a "time" sphere in the other hand. Something like a mini - chronosphere, which is expanding when Void is using his ult.

    Attachment 27381
    Want to highlight that. Multiple people have done so already but imo this idea is perfect. He could even use the Chrono in his Backtrack animation to protect himself... this would also allow for a shit ton of awesome cosmetics.
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.

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    I hate his horns and mouth. Also back is very ugly. Mb skin color can be much darker (it's a VOID, not pinky gay) and not so gum-like skin textures. I completely agree with Juken about transformation in chronosphere. That will be cool. Angry and sneaky eyes with deep evil light in will be awesome! A big mouth with canines is cool too.

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    Some guy has posted this picture

    I like the horns. But Faceless Void is faceless, this means he also mouthelss too.
    And pls Volvo, don't make for Void homo sapiens type of body. He's a damn space-alien-timetraveler, he shouldn't look like a human at all.
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    Looks badass in dota1, in dota2 he is just too slim with tiny legs and arms.

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