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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    His Hammerhead Shark-style head must stay, it's been a staple since he was developed, and something that I've come to really love. The faces are always important, because of the portraits, which is why I was a little bummed out when you changed Shadow Fiends head from a Cat/Dog skull into "something else". Not that the new Shadow Fiend model is bad, but the old skull was very menacing and important to his image, so he feels a little new and alien to me still.

    Whatever you choose to do, the main thing is to keep his Hammerhead Shark head, it makes him incredibly unique, a design that really fits him.

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    His current model is great when compared to other heroes, u definitely know which I mean ...Just donīt change the head it is EPIC. Only thing that might need some tweaking would be his basic "armor", the arm bracers, belt and also leg bracers.

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    I think his head/chest region are fine. Any chance you could just upgrade his arms and legs?

    Maybe add some tentacle-like appendages protruding from various parts? Then he'd be more true to his original model.

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    I'm not a huge fan of the vote and you probably shouldn't offer a vote like this in the future, but making him more muscular and texturing him a little better wouldn't hurt.

    As for calls for the removal of hooves, I like feet like Frieza's from DBZ:


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    The hooves are really out of place really.

    Also i would love the shit of you if you make everything inside Cronosphere invert in colors ala Photography negative filter. (Void colors remain the same)

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    Faceless void has a back cosmetic slot, but no "default" back item, so maybe give him some kind of cool armor that covers up his shoulder and comes down to connect to his belt, almost like a shirt or vest. Combine that with a pass over on his textures to clean them up a bit.

    Or, give him cool glowing green or purple runes on his body that look "timey" I guess if that makes sense. I guess an example of what I have in mind is the Pokemon Kyogre. He's ancient and they sort of show this by giving him glowing runes on his body. Make these runes glow in a cool way and cover his his body and come up to a mantle on his neck that transitions to the black lines he has on his head. I think if this is done right, it could look clean with all his cosmetics.

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    Remodel Viper and Slardar, update Void's model and textures (to look as high quality as the latest heroes).

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    Many people say that he should not have hooves. I dont mind them but i respect that opinion. One thing that concerns me is what to replace them with. Please DONT GIVE VOID HUMAN LEGS. He is supposed to be alien. If hooves are to be removed then please come up with some kind of alienish limbs that will fit him. Im heavily against making heroes look more generic - that kills their personality.

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    Keep the head shape, the shoulder armor should be changed, give him something other than hooves.
    Maybe make colors inside chrono inverted

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    I thought the question was "Which hero do you want to be reworked?"!
    Re poll pls.

    There are heroes in greater need of a remodel
    Valve's TO DO LIST (I see you guys keep forgetting so I made one for you):
    - Viper remodel - Slardar remodel - Pit Lord
    - Manila Compendium - New UI - 6.88 (a real patch this time)

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