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Thread: Faceless Void Rework

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    Valve should make him look more like Bane. Give him a Creepier feel and even associate both of them with their lore.

    Right now he looks really plain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion Commander View Post
    For my opinion, Faceless Void has a pretty good model, i wouldn't want him to be changed too much from his original model. One thing though, i don't like his hooves. The designers give too many heroes horns and hooves, i don't like that.
    only his arms and head appear in vision, rest are blurred except in his ulti where you can see his whole body. sounds good enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaho View Post
    This is Easy just do to Void what you did to Anti Mage and Shadow Fiend, Updated Textures More Alien Less Human more Tentacular Limbs.
    Yeah, but without forgetting there's a custom head that do just that, add tentacles to his face. If you add tentacles to Void's face you need to give something to all the players that have the Primal Form of the Tentacular Timelord, like changing the model or refunding. A lot of people bought that custom face just for the tentacles.

    Even I think that the hooves are terrible though, just give the poor bastard something that can at least resemble feet.
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    his face looks like a giant vagina with teeth

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    Faceless void has a great model, I still feel that people were confused when voting.

    He was the LEAST deserving of a remodel out of all the candidates.

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    his face looks like a giant vagina with teeth
    You need to get laid. Preferably by someone without extreme genital disfigurements.

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    i do not understand why he won that vote but if he did, than only thing I can say is that he looks faceless all right but what about him says he is void

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    Most important thing to me and many ppl about remodeling dota heroes is that they much closer to their original model in dota 1, i know there might be copyright and some other issues but pls go this way as much as it's possible, when i say as much as possible i mean very small details, let me give you an example:
    FV in dota 1 was left handed while in dota2 he's attacking with right hand, small details such as this is what like in new remodels, there are many small details that won't have anything to do with copyright and will bring dota 1 spirit back. i know some of dota 1 models werent so good and they needed to be changed like Doom for example, but most of them are still epic.

    let me summ it up ,,,, please, please and please look at details of original models before creating and pulishing the new model, i'm sure there will be many things u can add which has nothing to do with copyrights.
    Thanks and i wish you, all that is best.

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    What happen with the votes? Valve? Why no news about that?

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    I think Faceless won because trolling.

    If you redesign him. Make his codpiece bigger.

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