On the subject of his body, I hope that you guys make his features of his back like his spine and marking stand out more since that's where you're looking most of the time, and try to make his front less human-like by putting something like a visible hole in his chest with some sort of object or unearthly materials inside of it. The idea mentioned before of him holding a small chronosphere in his other hand could possibly be altered to have the small chronosphere inside of his chest to make him look more alien-like and make his animation where his opens his body wide upon using the chrono make more sense.

I also liked the idea of him transforming into a more mutated or enigmatic creature while in chrono. He could have a regular, more tame faceless look while out of chrono, then transforms into that tentacle creature people remember from the original Dota (or something completely unique) once he walks into it, just like how Night Stlaker instantly transforms when it turns night. The best example of a more intimidating transformation though would probably be with Slark while he's using his ultimate and turns into some big shadowy cloud. Void turning into some translucent/dark ethereal creature with a scary model while inside of his ultimate would make chrono more cool and fit his name of "Darkterror" much more.