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Thread: Can't bind courier to `/~

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    Can't bind courier to `/~

    In Warcraft 3 you're able to use the tilde button to switch couriers. It's not a huge inconvenience but I'd like to have the option to rebind the courier to this key.

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    Traditionally the ` key is used for the console, which is why it's not an option. Valve will have to make a different key bind possible for the console too, I believe.
    Change has kept DotA alive, evolving, and improving since 2002. And now DotA has an entire new engine at it's disposal, with infinite new capabilities.

    So why are there so many DotA fundamentalists/conservatives that oppose new features, options, and information?

    Embrace the change.

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    Doesn't seem you can rebind it via the GUI, but you can rebind it via the config.cfg file (located: .../Steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/cfg/config.cfg)

    Just open the file in a text editor and it should be pretty obvious from there


    Hmm, guess it doesn't work. I tried it out myself but it still defaults to ~, I even edited the defaultcfg file
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    I hope they change how the binding works..It's sad that most of key-combos I tried do not work, and some keys that have no other function can't even be assigned as hotkeys.
    Do they expect us to use letters only for hotkeys ? Thats not really useful.

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