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Thread: [Discussion] Best Lore

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    [Discussion] Best Lore

    Simple question. Which hero do you think has the best Lore in the game?

    My candidates are Chaos Knight, Brewmaster, and Legion Commander.

    Chaos Knight - In my opinion Chaos Knight's lore is the most badass. Not even demons who devour souls and fall from the heavens can hope to beat the awesomeness of the physical manifestation of chaos.

    Brewmaster - The funniest lore.

    Legion Commander - The most in-depth lore. It almost feels as if it were a novel. Her battle with the leader of the invading demons(?) was particularly enjoyable.

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    It is seriously subjective.

    But i'll be biased and say LC's lore is the best. Undying's lore is great also imo.

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    All of them are hurt by being too short.

    But if I were to vote, linked ones like CM/Lina or Luna/Mirana.

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    Invoker/Rubick lore is definately most interesting for me. Council of Magus and explaining how even knowing one spell is special, let alone ten.

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    Omniknight has the longest lore I think?

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    Troll Warlord bestest lore in this whole world. koopa

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    I'd say probably Huskar. His lore is one of the few which really specifies where his power stems from - plus I really love how they connected his backstory with Dazzle (a pair that makes a lot of sense given Dazzle's Shallow Grave).


    Quote Originally Posted by Legion Commander View Post
    Undying's lore is great also imo.

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    From a writing standpoint, Undying's lore is phenomenal.

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    I find myself to be a fan of both Elder Titan and Legion Commander. LC is pretty simple, but I find it rather appealing, and ET is somewhat unique, and the design ends up working in his favor.

    Rubick's backstory is also far from normal. In more ways than one.
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    Hoo hoo hoo.

    I know this seems somewhat predictable, but I find Rubick's lore is perhaps the best.

    We have this skilled wizard who, after a live of adventure and magical combat, decided to challenge every single mage of the highest skill that he could, all at once.
    And why?
    Because he was bored.
    And then what we get is a battle of hilarious description culminating in Rubick confusing, tricking, manipulating and eventually exhausting all of the other spellcasters, who declare him a winner almost as if they were too embarrassed to talk about it.

    It is, to me, a brilliant reversal of the usual rise-to-power story which usually contains a vengeful reason or great test of skill with the current guy in charge. What we have instead is a man who, when he gets bored, decides to become a powerful politician almost as an afterthought. As if it were a game. And when he succeeds he doesn't just stand content with it, he reminds everyone of the fact at every possible moment, with an air of immense smugness.
    Given the personality we see in Rubick I think it may well be that it was a game to him.

    And you know, I think it's this subversion of fantasy tropes that I most love to see in Dota, and which first made me find the lore so fun. In amongst these more traditional characters you have ones who are clearly taking the mickey, like Axe, the soldier so vicious that he personally had every single man in his army slaughtered except him.
    And that might just be what Rubick is all about; holding a mirror up to various fantasy clichés, and more specific characters and character traits, and making fun of them.
    Spellsteal Charge of Darkness, Walrus Punch or Firefly one day and you'll see what I mean.

    Also he's got an assassination contract on his head and I think that's funny.
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