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Thread: Live Games tab bugged or something changed in "sorted by..." script???

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    Live Games tab bugged or something changed in "sorted by..." script???

    Okay, so just a week ago i noticed that something is wrong with "Live Games" tab. I got ~~5.5k mmr+ and normally i was always first-second page in LG (live games) along with other 6k+ players or Pros (e.g. Wagamama/w33/monkeys and Pros.).
    Whenever i don't like to que i immediately start watching some top live page games, cuz some of them are funny/good/interesting.
    Now, i don't know what is going on, but i can't find my own (and other top mmr players) game in first 10 maybe even 30 pages of LG. Sometimes there is random BDN/Sing/Fear/Dragonfist/Swiftending game on top of all others with 1-2k viewers, but then other GOOD games are on random pages like 10/11/13 or even worse.

    Does Valve changed something with sorting these games? I'm not sure what is going on with this, but i think it was A LOT BETTER BEFORE, when u could watch top mmr players playing good game, instead of random 5v5 teams and <5k games...
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    can confirm

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    i notice something new also about a week ago on the 3.-4. page of the live games 4 ability draft game listed with the 10 players named like 'asdas' 'ghfd' 'dsfsd' and when you spectate those games you clearly understand that they are bots. What i dont get is things like this can happen anytime but why are they constantly in same page of live games. i hope it isnt just me.

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