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Thread: Same resolution,different net_graph values for two clients ?

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    Same resolution,different net_graph values for two clients ?

    Hello,a weird thing happened some days ago,i share the pc with my brother,we have two different steam accounts and dota clients,but we shared the same .cfg until now.We both play at 1440x900,but some days ago both net_graphs went missing,and i tried and changed the values from net_graphheight 64 to net_graphheight 236.Dont really know what happened,but now my client is ok with this value,while my brother's isnt;it must have height 64 so you can see the net_graph.
    Anyone knows what is going on ?

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    Anyone ? :/

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    I would require some help if anyone knew,it's driving me crazy !

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    insert defaults into autoexec.cfg:

    net_graphproportionalfont 0
    net_graph 1
    net_graphpos 1
    net_graphinsettop 0
    net_graphinsetleft 0
    net_graphinsetright 0
    net_graphinsetbottom 0
    net_graphheight 64

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