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Thread: [Suggestion] Blocking minimap pings

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    Post [Suggestion] Blocking minimap pings

    Please give us an option to block minimap pings depending on the player/in general. A muted/ignored player can still be a massive dickbat to everyone else with it. I've tried using the ping duration 0 command, but the sound stays and it gets really old very quickly.

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    If you mute that specific annoying person, you also throttle his pings.

    It's not muted, but PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING......... will be PING PING ....................PING PING PING ................PING PING.................PING PING

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    I want to change the volume of the pings. I even changed the sound to birds chirping but still players will spam that pinging sound it can be very aggravating when they do it.
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    I have an autoexec.cfg I use for the game. This command will mute pings "snd_setmixer ping vol 0.0" and this command will unmute pings "snd_setmixer ping vol 1.0". Consider the number to be like this. If it is 1, then volume will be at 100%, if it is 0 then it is 0% normal volume (muted completely).

    You can use this as a toggle.
    con_enable 1 (or use the launch flag -console)
    alias "ping_switch" "ping_toggle2"
    alias "ping_switched_off" "snd_setmixer ping vol 0.0"
    alias "ping_switched_on" "snd_setmixer ping vol 1.0"
    alias "ping_toggle1" "ping_switched_on; alias ping_switch ping_toggle2"
    alias "ping_toggle2" "ping_switched_off; alias ping_switch ping_toggle1"
    snd_setmixer ping vol 1
    bind "F10" "ping_switch"
    Once you have saved this to autoexec.cfg, launch dota with console enabled and type the command 'bind "f11" "exec autoexec.cfg" '

    Now you can disable console. All you have to do to mute pings is press f11 once to load the autoexec.cfg (only needed once everytime you start dota 2) and then press f10 to toggle the mute.
    Please note this mutes all pings, even ones from your friends that aren't being a problem. Make sure you at least pay attention to the minimap or don't mute completely (set to 0.05 or 5% of normal volume so it is very quiet but still hearable)

    any chance this could get stickied?

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