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Thread: Discussion: If you could novelise any part of Dota lore, what would it be?

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    Discussion: If you could novelise any part of Dota lore, what would it be?

    As a writer and, I like to think, a storyteller, I find fascinating what we are and aren't told in the brief snippets of lore we see in our favourite five-people-beating-each-other-up fantasy game.

    And when I find something fascinating, I think to myself, "What would I do if I wrote this as a novel?" How can I elaborate on the themes of a piece, or explain the things only hinted at as major plot points?
    Can it be done? Can I elaborate fully upon - as an example - Rubick's riset to fame as a duelist, or detail his great battle with the many Maguses? Did his failed assassin have a name?
    Where would I start a novel about Rubick? Where would I end it?
    What would the plot focus on?
    Who would be the villain, if anyone?

    And as I thought about this, about the writing of... well, any piece of lore as a novel, I wondered...
    What couldn't be written as a novel?
    Who would write what?

    And so I put forth the question to you folks. If you could write a full, comprehensive and adequately-sized fantasy novel with a self-contained story and any writing style you want based on a piece of lore within Dota 2, what would the piece of lore be, why would you choose it, and what would the story focus on?

    To provide my own answer, I would most likely base a novel on the exciting tale of the Wraith-Night, a terrifying and grand tale of a villainous king and his miserable aide summoning dark forces to become newly immortal.

    The reason is simple; the story of Wraith-Night offers the best and broadest chance to have a clear and unambiguous villain, the dreaded King Ostarion, atagonise whichever protagonists I choose while going about to achieve a definite motive.
    The motive itself is great, with some genuinely intimidating consequences, and Ostarion himself is a fantastic villain, possessing a charisma combined with an aura of menace that any good villain should have - he loves being as evil and nasty as he is, and relishes in every moment of it.
    The action of bringing his immortality about has the potential for a brilliant climax; a battle against ravenous undead in a snowy clearing, before the newly-crowned Wraith King himself stands and lays waste to them, and the character's motive is one that really hits home. He, quite simply, fears death, and wishes to bring it to a halt - at any cost.

    As for the protagonists? This is why I think it's the best to choose; you can have any number of stories happening at the same time, all revolving around this night, featuring any characters I want. As such, I would choose three, or perhaps four, stories all happening with some connection to each other. To whit:
    A main story featuring the wizardly characters first realising something is amok, and then desperately trying to stop it. Just picture Rubick, Warlock, Silencer and Invoker in the Ultimyr library, arguing about who should be in charge. Obviously, Rubick and Invoker would be paired together. For some reason I get the feeling that Invoker would really hate Rubick.
    A side story would feature the more typically heroic types such as Sven, Omniknight, Legion Commander, etc. (the characters you could play in Wraith-Night, har har) tromping out to try and kill Ostarion, or stop him from doing his evil plan. This would feature more typical fantasy adventure, strewn together with some vague implications that they're making absolutely no difference.
    And of course, since this is a Christmas story, why not have a part where a group of heroes are celebrating Frostivus together, in peace - and who then have to face off against a horrible invasion of skeletons and zombies and things? It could be the Keen, or the Oglodi - or simply a mish-mash of heroes that would celebrate it!
    Because obviously, the main focus of this would be to encourage the interactions between characters. Would Axe and Sven buddy together? Would Ostarion tease them?
    Of course, the story doesn't end well... but does a story like this ever end well?

    So I put it forth to you:
    How would you write a story based on Dota's lore?
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    Considering where I've focused my attention in other threads, I'd probably do something about Ultimyr Academy. While starring Warlock, it would actually be more about exploring the setting and doing some actual worldbuilding. At the very least I'd try to use it to set ground rules on the setting's magic. Determine the difference between Warlocks and Maguses (Magi?), try to figure out just what in the hell Abaddon and Pugna are doing, what the difference between using in-game abilities and in-game magic items are...

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    I'm not a writer but I think this SFM is amazing.
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    Has somebody done "Meet the Team" style videos yet? I feel that should be a thing.

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    Foreseer's Contract.

    We already have an established base, we get to know different heroes and their motivations, we get to see the world, we get to understand Phantom Assassin, we get to know the current state of things in the DOTA 2 universe, and we get to see PA against other heroes.

    Alternatively, Crystal Maiden's (or Lina's) journey from her home to Icewrack (or Misrule).

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    Wraith king: His life while he was still a mortal and after becoming a wraith/skeleton

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